3 Ultimate Tricks in Fortnite 2022: Easy XP, Spiderman’s Web Shooter, and Increasing FOV

This guide will show you how to earn or get the most XP and level up quickly in Fortnite chapter 3. In this method, we’ll talk about two bugs and one way to finish the task you were given and get a lot of XP.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 just came out, and it adds a lot of new things to the game. This update came out on December 5, 2021, but different time zones got it at different times. Season 1 of chapter 3 is the 16th season, and players are getting a lot of new, interesting content and some big changes to how the game is played.

The Spider-Man and sliding function is one of the most interesting new ideas.

Two item slots will become available on their own. The Sanctuary is a new location on the island map of Fortnite. The Sanctuary is where the Seven go to stay out of sight.

XP Bug in Fortnite Chapter 3

  • To get the Fortnite XP glitch, you can use a fishing method and a training map for creative mode.
  • Console players should only care about the 12-digit number.
  • You get more XP the longer you stay there.
  • Watch the video and do what it says to do to get the most XP out of these two ways.

Get 100,000 XP in Fortnite Easy

  • As said, land on the spot to get the guns.
  • Get rid of Llama by going to the Llama Homestead.
  • After you kill Llama, gather Wood, Stone, and Metal.
  • Follow the video all the way through because every step is important.
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Spiderman’s Web-Shooters Location in Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 has added many cool things, and players are already enjoying the new events, maps, and locations. Also, a new Mythic Item has just been added to the game.

The web-shooters and the Marvel superhero Spiderman are now in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1. The Web shooters can be collected, and it is easy to find them on the island.

Features of Fortnite Web-Shooters

There are Spider-Man web shooters in the game, which let players swing around like the Marvel superhero. You can find these Spider-Man web shooters everywhere on the new Fortnite Season 1 Chapter 3 map.

  • In Fortnite, the Mythic Item is a web shooter.
  • You can swing across the island using the web-shooters.
  • Any skin can be used with a web shooter.
  • It only works for a short time
  • Some versions might have unlimited bullets.

Where in Fortnite can you find Spider-Man Web shooters?

The Web shooters in Season 1 Chapter 3 are easy to find. The Daily Bugle, which is in the northeast part of the Island, is where most people get them.

Make sure to look in every part of the Daily Bugle office. Sneak around and check every corner and the top of the building, where Spider-Web-Shooters Man’s are hidden in backpacks.

There is a chance of getting five different web-shooters in the Daily Bugle office. This is the place in Fortnite with the most webs.

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Where on the map are the Spider-Man web-shooters?

Look for the bags with spider webs on them. Man is connected to a surface. There are many places on the map where you can get web-shooters. The first place is the Daily Bugle, which has different kinds of web-shooters you can buy.

Others are listed below. Thanks to HYPEX, an active Fortnite Data Miner on Twitter, we know about some locations with a 90% chance of getting Web shooters there.

This is how to get the real web-shooters in Season 1 of Chapter 3 of Fortnite. You can’t just buy them from NPCs, which is good. You have to move and get them yourself because there’s no other way to get them.

How to Change FOV

In this, I’ll show you a very easy way to increase your field of view in Fortnite. This FOV glitch was found long ago, but it still works. If you wish to use it, you have to follow the steps below.

How to Get a Better Field of View in Fortnite

Follow the steps below to get more FOV in Fortnite. This glitch is easy to do. This field of view can help you get more kills and cover more ground.

Keep your mind on the task when you are in the countdown area.

As soon as it says “1 second,” slide by pressing the “slide” key, your field of view in the game will get bigger.