Brookhaven Roblox Easy, Medium, Hard, Extreme Egg Locations

Roblox Brookhaven is an excellent Lego-based role-playing game featuring a variety of stores and roleplaying spaces. Those searching for a roleplaying game that isn’t as expansive as GTA RP might enjoy a relaxing and intimate experience.

Currently, Brookhaven RP is hosting an Easter egg hunt with four distinct levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Extreme. There are 15, 20, 30, and 40 eggs to discover in each of these settings, and below is a guide to all egg placements in Roblox Brookhaven RP.

All Roblox Egg Locations Brookhaven Easy Mode

Roblox Egg Locations in Brookhaven – Easy

Being the simplest version with just 15 eggs to discover, I’m confident most of you won’t even need assistance. Nonetheless, listed below are all the egg spots in Robox Brookhaven that will get you the gorgeous automobile shown next to the easy button.

  • The first egg will be cooling alongside the white staircase at the swimming pool.
  • On the left side of the ladder is a blue bench, and the second egg is just next to this seat.
  • The third egg will be located on the square brown tile behind the blue seat.
  • In front of this tile, you will find the fifth in the center of the plant’s bushes.
  • This one is located near the road on the middle plant.
  • Approaching the pool will reveal this individual outside the pool.
  • This is the first egg inside the pool.
  • The second egg is located inside the pool.
  • Near the shop, just in front of the pool, beside the middle plant.
  • Near the plant with blue tiles underneath it, next to the road.
  • Follow the road along the side of the factory.
  • Alongside the factory at the intersection of both highways.
  • Next to the corner plant located close to the pool and the road.
  • On the brown tile near the board where the difficulty is selected.
  • And the last one is next to this brown tile.
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Roblox Egg Locations in Brookhaven – Medium

Here are the 20 eggs required on the medium difficulty to unlock the blue automobile.

Here, the placement area becomes more expansive and challenging.

  • The first egg is now cooling in the pool in the center.
  • Next to the brown platform next to the road.
  • On top of the blue poolside seat.
  • The road in front of the bus stop.
  • Alongside the factory at the intersection of both highways.
  • On the right side of the swing within the pool.
  • In front of the adoption center, outside of the pool.
  • Cross the difficulty selection board towards the road, turn left, and you will see it.
  • It will be chilling in the shop if you cross the street in front.
  • You may want to board a vehicle at this time. This is on the left side of the store in front of an open-air building.
  • In front of the Mail & Packages entrance.
  • In the vicinity of the Brookhaven Bank.
  • When you cross the street from the bank, it will be in the open.
  • Outside the Brooks Diner
  • On the roadway behind the restaurant.
  • Outside the “Shopping” building on the corner.
  • In front of the supermarket.
  • There is one in front of Club Brooks if you go down the road.
  • Before The Oaks.
  • Below is the childcare sign in front of the Mails & Packages building.

Roblox Egg Locations in Brookhaven – Hard

Here begins the difficult part.

  • The first is just next to the difficulty selection board.
  • The facility is placed at the intersection of the two routes.
  • On the swing next to the pool.
  • At the bus stop, sit next to the pool.
  • Go to the right of the bus stop and then cross the street to find it in the little alley.
  • Following the route will lead you to the library.
  • In front of the adoption center by the pool, next to the structure.
  • Return to the board where the difficulty is selected, go to the road, and turn left. It is in the little nook on your left as you go along the building.
  • At the entrance of Club Brooks.
  • On the appropriate plant in front of the television station.
  • Follow the television station, and it will be in the upper-left corner.
  • On the gasoline pump sign next to the station.
  • It is in the little fissure along the road heading upward in front of the gas station.
  • The Auto Shop is on the right side after crossing the street.
  • It is on the roof of the Auto Shop building, just up the road.
  • When you are atop the roof, glance to the front to find it.
  • In front of the Brookhaven Airport, on the Drive-Thru sign.
  • Look to the left while facing the drive-through sign; it will be in front of you.
  • Before the airport’s sign.
  • On the umbrella over the chairs near the Brooks Diner.
  • On the vending machine located in the corner directly opposite this umbrella.
  • Near the road, next to the spot where the road begins to ascend. In the little alleyway.
  • In the little garden area next to the Arcade structure.
  • In front of the hospital’s entrance.
  • In the cemetery next to the hospital.
  • In front of the direction the cemetery faces. In the little nook at the rear of the hospital building.
  • At the bus stop outside the school.
  • Close to the entrance of the school.
  • In the building’s parking lot in front of the school.
  • In the little lane between the town hall and the left building.
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Roblox Egg Locations in Brookhaven – Extreme

  • Utilize ladders to reach the peak of the little waterfall.
  • In the vicinity of the pool, over the blue trampoline. Utilize it to get the egg.
  • By the pool, on the swing.
  • One of the pool’s interior corners.
  • On the little parkour area located in front of the adoption center. It is on the one directly next to the building.
  • On the adoption center’s roof, on the yellow tile.
  • Proceed to the police station. Proceed into Cell #2 and ascend the Vent. It is in the section containing secret photographs.
  • Go to the police station’s rooftop. It’s in the top-level hidden chamber. It is accessible from the side facing the road.
  • Visit the bank. Climb the stairs and go to the vault. It is located in the vault’s corner.
  • The vent above the plant near the vault and the one at the entrance to the hacker base may be accessed through the vent.
  • Inside the corner-based hacker base.
  • There is a chamber behind the curtains if you climb the steps outside the post office. Inside, the egg is located in the bathtub.
  • Inside Starbrooks coffee, above the counter and concealed by black panels.
  • Dentist building, second floor, room on the right.
  • Climb the ladder behind the auditorium stage inside the school to reach the rooftop. It is the greatest rung on the ladder.
  • Inside the gymnasium of the school, a ladder is required. It is located behind the basket.
  • On the first floor, in the women’s bathroom.
  • Within the open grave at the cemetery.
  • Climb the ladder in front of the cemetery to reach the hospital’s rooftop.
  • Go through the hospital’s smashed glass and the door in front of you. It is located in the corner.
  • Go to the hidden hallway next to the X-ray room and switch off the electricity. It will be located near the water’s bottom.
  • Inside the town hall, behind the steps, is a little pool.
  • There is a switch in the tiny fissure in front of the staircase. If you press it, you can ascend a ladder. It is located at the top of the stairway, in a corner.
  • Behind the staircase, inside the Brooke Apartments.
  • In the parking lot of the supermarket.
  • On the Auto Shop rooftop,
  • It is in the little bunker on the left as you ascend the road.
  • In the open, behind the bunker.
  • Inside, a vehicle washed beside the gas station.
  • Inside the hidden chamber beside the gas station.
  • Enter via the blue door to the immediate left of the gas pump.
  • Enter the “now playing” chamber and the room to its left. It is immediately to the right.
  • On the level above, enter the yellow entrance of Happy burger. It is located on the left.
  • In the corner of the building next to the town hall, you will find a television behind the television.
  • On the right side of the Brookhaven airport garbage can.
  • The little nook is located behind the hotel.
  • Utilize the ladder to ascend to the diner’s roof. It is situated between two cottages.
  • Behind the counter inside the eatery.
  • Enter the aircraft. It is located in the kitchen.
  • At the airport’s entrance, behind the scan machine.
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That concludes the egg locations. I hope you found this information to be useful.