Google Pixel 7: Everything You Require To Know

The Google Pixel 7 and the iPhone 14 could be two of the most exciting phones in late 2022. Isn’t that a long time away? The first leaks have already started to appear, and it’s never too early to start thinking about what we want from Google’s next big thing. We want to see many things in the Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro to make them the best phones they can be.

So, that’s not all. Before that, we’ll tell you everything we know about the Google Pixel 7 range so far, like when it’s coming out and how much it costs. We’ll also be adding to this article as soon as we hear about new things, but you can expect the Google Pixel 6a, and maybe even a Google Pixel Fold before this. Keep this page handy.

Google Pixel 7 price and release date

The Google Pixel 7 will likely be unveiled in October 2022, but we don’t know. There aren’t any rumors about that, but every previous model was shown off in October of the year they were released. The Google Pixel 5, shown off on September 30, was almost October. However, one source says that panels are being shipped a month early, which could also mean that the phones will arrive early – in September.

The Pixel 7 range is likely to go on sale a week or two after it’s announced. Based on history, it’s also likely to go on sale before the end of October 2022. It might be in the same price range as the Pixel 6 phones when it comes to the price. If you want the Pixel 6 Pro, you’ll have to pay $899 / £849 / AU$1,299.

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What we desire to observe

Many people are excited about Google’s new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones, but they’re not perfect, so we want to see these changes made to the Pixel 7 range.

Better battery life

When we did our reviews, we said that battery life was bad in both the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro. It’s not terrible, but it might be better. It’s not terrible, but it could be better. Battery life is important for the Pixel 7 range, so we want that to get better.

A custom chipset that was supposedly built from the ground up for these phones is used by Google. It also makes the software that runs on them, so we think it should be able to make the Pixel range more power-efficient. And if it can’t do that, but a bigger battery in there, too. We don’t want to worry about not being able to charge at the end of the day.

More power

A custom Google Tensor chipset is at the heart of the Pixel 6. This is the first moment Google has used a custom chipset rather than an off-the-shelf Qualcomm one in a Pixel phone. Even though Google talked a big game about Tensor, its performance in tests isn’t as good as the best rivals, like the Snapdragon 888 in the OnePlus 9 and the Galaxy S21. Even though benchmarks aren’t everything, the Google Tensor 2 needs to show more raw power to compete with the best rival chips.

Longer support

Before the Pixel 6 range launch, it was thought that Google would offer five years of Android updates for these phones. It only promised five years of security updates and three years of Android updates for these phones. This is at least as good as Android phones, but iPhones get more than five years of updates.

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Other companies can say that the chipsets in their phones are slowing them down. The chipset maker should also be able to support updates for a long time. With Google making the chipset now, it doesn’t have that excuse. It doesn’t make sense, so we’ll be very sad if the Pixel 7 isn’t supported for a long time.

A better fingerprint scanner

Under-display fingerprint scanners have been a feature on Google phones for now, but they haven’t always worked well. The Pixel 6 range is the primary to have this feature. We found that it sometimes took us a few tries to get the phone to unlock. This is probably because it is pickier than other phones where you put your finger. You want the fingerprint scanner to work reliably and quickly when you get a new phone.

A longer, variable zoom

This means that the Google Pixel 6 doesn’t have a telephoto camera. The Pixel 6 Pro has one, but it can only zoom to 4x. We want the zoom on the Pixel 7 (or at least the Pixel 7 Pro) to be able to go up to 10x, like on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Besides, we don’t just want to be able to zoom to 10x optically. We want to zoom up to 2x or 3x optically, or even better, 10x optically.