How to Find Gem in Fortnite 2022: Location of All Gem Fragments

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 has recently been launched, and many new features have been added to the game. This update was released on December 5, 2021, in various time zones. Season 1 of chapter 3 is the sixteenth season, and it has a great deal of intriguing new content and significant gameplay modifications.

“Shanta Quest” is a currently active quest in Fortnite that asks players to gather Gem Fragments from petrol stations.

In this Guide, we will offer you the precise locations of the Gem Fragments in the Gas Station, allowing you to quickly accomplish the Shanta Quest in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 by collecting all of them.

How to Locate Gem Pieces in Chapter 3 of Season 1

Gas stations are the game’s first basic site for Gem Fragments; visit all gas stations to acquire the gems. All of the methods for acquiring gem pieces are detailed below.

Here You Can Find Gemstone Fragments

  • At fuel stations.
  • Away from Seven Vaults.
  • At a Crossroads
  • Within earthen mounds.
  • Within Landmarks.
  • At Ports.
  • Identified Locations
  • Close Characters
  • With Rivers.
  • In the Sky

How to Collect Fortnite Gem Fragments Chapter 3

To find the Gem Fragments, you must know the locations of the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 gas stations. However, the map has been altered, so you may now have difficulty locating the petrol stations.

We have indicated all of the gas station locations on the new Fortnite map, allowing you to save time by following the path straight to the station.

Fortnite Gem Pieces at Fuel Station

Chapter 3 of Fortnite has eight gas station locations, each of which is highlighted on the map. Follow the mark and attempt to locate the Gem Fragments there.

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Outside the Seven Vaults, Gem Fragments

Chapter 3 Fortnite map has seven vaults; gem pieces may be found by traveling to the vaults highlighted on the map.

To locate the gem fragment:

  1. Go to the designated area where you will discover the entrance to the vault.
  2. Enter or immediately burst through the wall and enter.
  3. Discover a means to descend the steps in the vault to get the gem piece.

Inside dirt mounds, there are gem fragments.

Some Gem shards are buried under the soil on the ground, often in areas where sand is prevalent. These may seem perplexing, but you can quickly locate them with their shining blue light.

Go to the marked spot, where you will notice the mark, then strike the dirt mound to reveal the gem fragment.

Gemstone Chips At Landmarks

These are the locations where you will get bits of gems. There are around 10 Gem pieces in total throughout all regions. Check the specified spots on the map where fragments of gems may be found easily.

The positions of each piece are described as follows:

  • At the Colossal Cacti, there are enormous cacti. At the summit of Rock.
  • Located southeast of the Joneses and behind the woodshed.
  • In the middle of the temple, west of the Joneses.
  • West of Coney Crossroads lake, island center.
  • Northwest of the Daily Bugle, on the highest route.
  • Outside the lighthouse north of Sleepy Sound.
  • Near the statue at the very top (North) of the Map is the entrance to the labyrinth.
  • Behind the bush, northwest of the Daily Bugle, in the open air.
  • On tollhouse, northwest of Greasy Grove, near the blue flag.
  • On electricity wires south of Greasy Grove
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Identified Gem Fragments

  • Follow the Marked Position on the map and the instructions listed below to find the precise location of the gem pieces in these identified areas.
  • At Condo Canyon, above a rocky outcrop (make walls to get it).
  • Around the yellow container on the car at the Joneses.
  • South of Sanctuary, under the pool of water.
  • On the north side of the Daily Bugle, on the topmost peak of the rock, is a sign that reads: (make walls or use the zip line to reach).
  • At the junction or Middle of the Conney crossroads.
  • Outside Fish Stick Restaurant At Deep Slumber (intersection of roads).
  • Near the entrance to Shifty shafts to the north.
  • Between the large wood stack to the west of Logjam Lumberyard (near the “A” on the map).
  • In front of the Taco Restaurant in Greasy Grove.
  • In the rocky reels, at the peak of the large rocks.

Fragments Of Gems On Rivers

Many Gem Fragments may be collected with relative ease from the river. Gem pieces may be collected most easily from rivers. The light in the river is visible, saving you time. Follow the map’s stated position directly to get the gem pieces. The most popular locations for these are river intersections or under bridges.

Gem Pieces in the Air

You may need to construct barriers to reach the gem pieces in the air, if feasible, or leap from the bus with the parachute by following the position given on the map.

How to Complete Shanta Quest & Unlock All Shanta Edit Styles

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To complete the Shanta Quest, you must collect all Gem Fragments from each place, but to get all Shanta styles, you must collect gems from all areas, including the petrol station. Walk through the petrol stations while searching for blue-colored diamonds that illuminate that region. Additionally, when you are close to the location, an icon will appear on the map, making it easier to discover.

  • Look for Gem Fragments.
  • One quest will be completed after the Gems are found in each place.
  • Perform the same for a total of 10 Shanta Quests.
  • Currently, all Shanta missions have been finished.
  • Now, all Shanta Edit Styles are Unlocked.

Thus, you can determine the position of every gem component in Fortnite Season 3, Chapter 1. If we missed anything in this article, please let us know in the comments so that we can improve.