How to Play the Roblox Squid Game on Android, iOS, and Windows

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably listened to Squid Game. It is a Korean drama series on Netflix that has become one of the most talked-about things on the internet because of its unique plot, which involves popular children’s games and bloodlust. Because the games on the show are so popular, people have made mini-games based on Squid Game on Roblox. If you want to play Squid Game on Roblox and have a similar gut-wrenching experience, you can do it on your PC, iPhone, Android device, or Xbox console.

Play Squid Game on Roblox

We won’t waste time telling you about Squid Game or giving away any of its secrets. Instead, we’ll go straight to the steps for installing Roblox. Then, you can play games like Red Light/Green Light, Tug of War, and more from the Netflix show on your computer or mobile device. So, with that out of the method, let’s get started.

How to Play the Squid Game on Roblox on Your Computer

Open your favorite web browser on your computer and go to the official Roblox website. You can sign in or make an account there.

Then, on your Windows PC, get the Roblox Player. To set up the Roblox Player, double-click the EXE file you downloaded.

After installing Roblox, go back to the site and log in to your account. Type “Squid Game” into the search bar at the top and choose the option to “Search “Squid Game” in Experiences.”

Choose a game from the list of Squid Games to play in Roblox. We recommend choosing a mini-game with many active players and good ratings.

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I played the mini-game Squid Game, which was made by Trendsetter Games (visit). One of the most popular mini-games on Roblox based on the Korean show is Hexa Games (visit). Streamers on Twitch and YouTube have been playing this battle royale-style minigame and trying to stay alive until the end.

The game lets players join a lobby that looks like the one from the Netflix show and play games like Red Light/Green Light and Honeycomb. I tried out this minigame, and it was a great experience. Here are some screenshots from the Roblox game Squid Game to help you better understand what it’s like.

Here’s how to play Squid Game in Roblox on Android, iOS, and your computer:

You play as a Roblox character, and the game is pretty simple. But it’s important to note that the games were based on those in the Korean show. So, getting eliminated means you will die and hear gunshots during the game. So, it might be a little scary for kids, who usually play Roblox mini-games. We recommend that parents keep an eye on what their kids are doing and don’t let them read this book.

How to Play the Squid Game on Mobile Roblox (Android and iOS)

The steps to install and play Roblox’s Squid Game on an iPhone, iPad, or Android device are the same. I tried the same game by Trendsetter Games on my iOS device for this guide. Here’s how to play the minigame on your iPhone or Android device in Roblox.

  • You can get the official Roblox app for iOS or Android and install it on your phone.
  • Open the app and sign in to your Roblox account.
  • Tap the search icon at the top, type “Squid Game” (without the quotes) in the text field, and then search.
  • Tap on any games from the search results page based on the Korean drama Squid Game to play it on your phone or tablet.
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The Squid Game minigame on Roblox worked well on my iOS device when I played it on my phone. The on-screen check is easy to use and should be enough to help your character run, jump, and talk to other players. You can look at screenshots of how the game works down below.

Squid Game Roblox Game Winning Technique

Squid Game is a South Korean show made for Netflix that breaks all kinds of records. People have started making Roblox squid games so that players can have a better time and enjoy the game even more.

Squid Game is well-known for many things, including Roblox, where it is used as the basis for many different games. There are several remakes in the works, and one is already in the game’s popular section.

Squid Game started on Netflix on September 17 and has quickly become one of the most talked-about shows. It is the first South Korean TV show to reach the top of the list and land at number one.

Modes of Play:

There are different ways to play each squid game, which may differ from the original series. As developers get more creative, they develop game modes that you have to finish to win.

Game #1: Stop sign All clear

This is one of the easiest challenges you’ll face in the Roblox squid game. You only need to pay attention to the song lyrics and how fast the doll sings the song to win this mode. She will say “red light” at the end of the lyrics.

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So it’s easy to look up the words to “Mugunghwa Kkoci Pilot Seumnida,” a song she sings. Nearly every two times, a red light comes at the end of Sumida. When you hear the word “Seumnida,” it’s easy to figure out whether you should walk or stay.

Game #2: Walk the Shapes

This mode of play is just a game of waiting. Different shapes will be shown at the start of this game mode, and one will be chosen at random. You have to walk across the chosen shape to reach the goal.

Just press the forward key and move left and right to stay in shape. Make a small key press. You’ll fall and be out of the game if you don’t. Smaller motion, but keep an eye on the timer as well.

Game #3: Marbles

This mode of play is just a game of chance. In this game mode, you start with some marbles and are asked to choose whether the number is even or odd. If your answer is right, you get more marbles. You win this round if you have more than 0 marbles.

This game doesn’t follow any rules. But what we’ve seen many times is that if something odd happens, it probably happens once or twice. Chances of coming often are higher, but it depends on how lucky you are and how many marbles you have.

Game #4: “Tug of War.”

There will be two teams, just like in a normal tug-of-war game, and you will be given a rope. Each group will pull the rope until the other team falls or crosses the line. You will win the round if you make the other team lose.

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You have to hit Pull as many times as it appears on the screen in this game mode. Sometimes, the number of people on a team can affect how well they do. But even if you have fewer teammates, this mode is easy to win if you spam the pull in the right way.

Game #5: Glass Bridge

There are two kinds of glasses in this game mode: tempered and regular glass. Tempered glass can hold up to two people, but regular glass depends on the person’s weight. A regular one is easy to break.

You can try three things: First, wait for the other person to jump and find the right glass. Second, jump on the glass and then jump back or forward on the glass right away. The second step is kind of dangerous. One-third, you can try position on the bar with glasses in your hands. It doesn’t matter if this works in all types of games.