How to Play Without Walking in Pokemon GO in 2022

Pokemon Go has been, without a doubt, and maybe even Niantic’s best game. In the game, players go out into the real world and use their Pokemon Go apps to catch their favorite Pokemons. But recently, players have been asking questions like how to play Pokemon Go without walking.

We were able to get some information about Pokemon Go steps without walking to help these players. Read on to find out how to get steps in Pokemon Go without walking. Given that the pandemic is still going on and many places are still on lockdown, how can you play Pokemon Go without moving?

Given how things are right now, even Niantic is making some big changes to ensure that Pokemon Go fans can play the game even when they don’t have an internet connection. For example, events like “Community Day” in Pokemon Go have been changed to make it easier to play by yourself. We’ll talk about how to play Pokemon Go without moving similarly. But can you try to play this game without moving? Why don’t we find out?

Will you play Pokemon Go without moving?

You can utilize software to play Pokemon Go without walking if you’re in a special situation where you can’t go outside, like in a secluded area on purpose or if it’s raining. But as more and more players started using these tools, Niantic started soft-banning players who used them.

Niantic took a lot of these fake GPS devices into account. Plus, in Pokemon Go, you can’t use many GPS spoofing tools to fool people about where you are safe. We’ll show you both how to stay safe in the next part.

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How to Play Pokemon Go on iOS and Android without Moving?

We’re going to talk about two surefire ways to play Pokemon Go without moving. But before we get to that, there is a question that needs to be answered: Can I use the same device to fake your location on both iOS and Android Pokemon Go devices? No product works for both iOS and Android at the same time.

So, you can use a variety of tools. Why don’t we find out more about the ways? We recommend using iToolab AnyGo if you want to play Pokemon Go on your iOS device without stopping. It’s the safest way to play Pokemon Go on your iOS device without moving around. It not only lets you make fun of your area in a safe way, but it also lets you copy trends in an affected area. Plus, it acts with the most recent version of iOS.

Using iToolab AnyGo, you can play Pokemon Go without moving

  • Step 1: Go to the device’s official website. You can get it on your Windows PC or Mac and send it off. Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone and click “Start.”
  • Step 2: Click on “Transport” in the upper right corner, type in the location you want to go, and click “Search.”
  • Step 3: The tools will show where you are on the map. When you snap the “Go” button, you’ll be magically taken to your ideal location.

Also, this is the end. This is how to use iToolab AnyGo so you can play Pokemon Go without having to move.

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How to Play Pokemon Go on Android Without Moving?

Did you understand that you can play Pokemon Go on Android from a fake location using a Joystick? This section will talk about how to use the Joystick on your Android device to play Pokemon Go without moving forward.

  • You can get Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer, Fake GPS Joystick, and Routes Go for your Android device. Tap your phone’s “Form Number” more than once to turn on the “Designer Options” on your Android device.
  • Go to “Settings,” then “Area,” then “Mode,” and change it to “High Accuracy.” how to play Pokemon Go without moving ios.
  • Just send the directions and turn on your Android phone’s GPS. You can use the pointer to get to the right place. Can Pokemon be played without moving?
  • Open the Fake GPS app’s “Settings” menu and turn on “No Root Mode.” Scroll down and turn on “Joystick.” how to play Pokemon Go on an Android without moving.
  • Use the red dot to point out the right place to move to in the virtual world, then click the “Play” button. If you open Google Maps on your device, you can see something very similar. How to play Pokemon without walking around.
  • Now you can open Pokemon Go and see that you can play the game from the spot you chose before. You can also move the Joystick to a different fake area to get rare Pokemon from a different place.
  • Compared to iOS, playing Pokemon Go without continuing on an Android device may seem a bit complicated, but it works well.
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At-Home Pokemon Go Playing Tips

Now that you know how to stop playing Pokemon Go on your Android and iOS devices, here are a few ways to play Pokemon Go home.

  • If you live where you can still work out outside even though there is a lockdown, you can go to the closest gyms and Pokestops during your run/run.
  • As you go about your daily tasks, keep the game switched on. You can cover the base distance without much trouble.
  • After Niantic’s updates, you can bring eggs home to hatch or even catch Pokemon in the wild.
  • Join an online Pokemon Go group to meet other players from all over the world and share tips, assets, etc.


There’s no doubt that you can play Pokemon Go without moving on both iOS and Android devices. The most significant thing is how to select the best and safest way to do that. Most people who play Pokemon trust devices like iToolab AnyGo Fake GPS Joystick and Routes Go so that you can try it. Believe that this article can help!