Let’s Go Crazy – Playlink Crazy Game Review

Party games don’t necessarily have to focus on knowledge. Certainly the various quizzes are fun to do to challenge each other on who knows best, but sometimes the battles can also be skill shots and that’s it. Especially if the skill is embodied in crazy games monkeys, colorful and only suitable for jumping or running. Let’s go and discover the new game Playlink, Let’s go crazy and how we shed liters of tears amid the laughter of the evening.

Four monkeys on the horizon

The game offers 4 different modes: the first and most important is called Table Game, and will propose a board (like a game of the goose) with different challenges to be completed in order to advance and win. The second mode is called Individual Challenge, and will see three skill tests that you will have to pass alone against Orangutan’s AI. The third is called Random Game and will generate random challenges among those present, while the last will allow you to customize a game with the challenges you want, allowing you to remove unwanted games or choose the difficulty. All matches range from a minimum of a few minutes up to half an hour, becoming a combination of choices between those who want to make quick challenges and those who love to get lost in well-structured party games.

The games available will be of various types and will all use your monkey as a vehicle: in Basket Monkey you will have to throw yourself to the basket, in Orango a Mollo you will have to collect the ducks, finally in Cardioscimmia you will have to do an obstacle course and collect bananas. All of this, of course, only with the press of a button on your touchscreen. And here is that complex movements such as running and changing direction become easy to do, as the only goal becomes knowing how to jump to get the score needed to win.

To add depth to the game there are the aesthetic elements, which you can unlock by playing and collecting stars at each challenge: in this way you will receive loot boxes that can give you an accessory, a headgear or a shoe.

The life of the party

The game itself only aims to make the evening fun: some Playlink titles take advantage of static as a smartphone feature, but in Scimpazziamo we find much more the dynamics seen in Frantics. Just like that title, Scimpazziamo also takes paradoxical situations and adapts them to game dynamics that are easy to understand, but which become absurdly difficult when you find yourself playing with 4 players. The challenge often moves into reality, between friendly teasing and rivalries that arise with touches of the touchscreen.

The graphic part therefore becomes fundamental: playing with serious and curmudgeoned characters would not make the same of what these monkeys can do, so caricatured as to make them hilarious from the very first moments.

Let’s go crazy with one of the best Party Games released on PlayStation 4 using Playlink.