Microsoft Teams Is A Free Way To Collaborate With Your Coworkers

Unlimited audio and video calls are available for free with Microsoft Teams. You also get 10GB of file storage for your whole Team and 2GB of storage for each person on the Team. If you run your business or work in a group for a bigger company, this might be true. In that case, chances are you need a place where you can talk and work together with people from the couple inside and outside your company. But you don’t have to pay money on expensive tools like Office 365 or SharePoint because Microsoft Teams is free to use to learn.

Microsoft Teams

There are more than 140 business apps that Microsoft Teams can work with. In your network of contacts, you can add up to 299 people inside and outside of your company to the list. It’s important to know that only people who don’t have a paid Office 365 subscription can use Microsoft Teams’ “accessible” mode. Those who subscribe to Office 365 get redirected to a supervised account for their current program when they try to use Teams. This is how it works: People who don’t already have an Office 365 subscription can agree to a free one-year trial of Teams.

Configure Microsoft Teams

To start a team, you’ll need a Microsoft account. The first thing you require to perform is to look at the Microsoft Teams website. Then, click the Sign up for free key to get going. Next, enter the username for the account you want to use and show how you want to use Teams. You can use it for school, friends or family, work, and groups.

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Then, type in your password and check your name, company name, and other important information. It’s time to choose a team. Then, you’re asked if you want to use the Teams app or the web app. The Teams web app is good for most basic features, but you’ll need to install the desktop app to use the service fully.

If you don’t get it during the first setup, get it from the Download Teams site. You can also load the mobile version of Microsoft Teams (iOS, Android), which has many of the same characteristics as the desktop version and will help you stay in touch with other people while you’re on the go. As a simple way to keep things simple, we’ll use the web app here.

Member Invitation

At the Welcome screen, make sure the name of your Team’s organization is correct, and then click on the Next button. So, on the main screen, you can choose from many different tasks. First, though, you should make a phone call to get your Team together. The Invite People link on the left.

You can then share a link, use your email contacts, or send an email from your main account. Choose the option that you like best. Invited people will take an email with a connection to join your Team. They can click on the link to join. Microsoft Teams is where they’ll be sent next. They can choose a display name and add a picture to their name there.

Team Chat

Start a conversation with everyone on your Team and say hello. This is the next job you might have to do. Click the Crew icon on the left toolbar. Then, click the New conversation icon at the bottom of the screen. Then, write your message. Your message can then be responded to by anyone else on the Team. You can make your notes more interesting by changing the text, adding files, adding emojis or GIFs, etc.

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To share a file with each Team, tap the paperclip icon and choose the file you want to send. A file from your Microsoft Teams site, OneDrive, or your computer could be chosen as a good one. Mixing with Microsoft Office means that files from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote can be viewed and changed right from Teams, and they can also be shared.

In addition, team members will be able to work on the file in their browsers with Office for the network or in the full version of the Office application if they have it on their computer. Instead of talking to the whole Team, you can talk to just one person or a smaller group of people in secret.

Start by tapping the Chat icon on the left toolbar. Then, enter the person’s name or the names of the people you need to talk to in the To the top of the screen box. Then, type your message in the New Message field at the bottom and press Send. This will send the message. Existing chats are kept on the left-hand side of the screen for easy access.

Virtual Meetings

There is a built-in tool that teams can use for free for audio and video calls. You’ll need to use Chrome, Edge, or the Windows Teams desktop app to do your work to use this feature. To start an audio or video meeting, tap the Meetings icon on the left toolbar. Please choose whether you want to meet right away or put it on your calendar.

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Before the meeting starts, you can change certain parts. You can do many things, like add a subject for your discussion or decide if you wish to turn off video and sound. Finally, click the Join now button to start the meeting. You can then ask other people to join in by copying a link to the meeting and sharing it in an email.

In the meeting screen, you can check the video and audio feed, change other settings, cast to another screen, end the call, etc. Next, click the ellipsis icon to display device settings and meeting notes, and turn the screen to full screen. Then, click the full-screen button. Change the meeting mode, too. The other person is shown in the Gallery. Each person gets a lot of space. And Together Model shows all of you in a place like a theater.

Another way to get in touch with someone right away is to call them over video or sound. There’s a button called “Calls” on the left-hand side of the screen. This is the next step. In the Make a Call field, write down the person’s name. There are audio and video icons below. You can choose how you want to speak with this person. You can also add other people to your phone call list by setting them up as contacts.

App Integration

Microsoft Teams can be used with other apps and services to make it more useful. The first thing to do is check the Apps icon at the bottom of the left-hand toolbar. Before doing that, choose the app you want to put on your phone. At the setup screen, choose your Team and then hit the Install button. This will start the process. Several Microsoft programs and third-party services, like Trello and Asana, can work with Teams.

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Other apps like Polly and GitHub, productivity apps such as Evernote and SurveyMonkey, and more can also work with Teams. The app will work with Teams when it’s been added. You can access it from your Teams page. There is a button for the YouTube app that you can find under the text box on your Teams page. This button will let you add content from the app to your conversations.