Reasons For Bans On Genshin Impact Accounts And Unban Trick In 2022

Here are some ways your Genshin Impact account could be banned & closed . It would help if you tried to avoid some of the things below.

Using Macro Programs

The first thing that can get your account banned is using the Macro app. Using an app that works as a macro can make it easier to play this game.

You will get some massive later in this game, especially if you use the macro application. You can do gacha by yourself repeatedly, change the number of chunks you can use to refine, and do many other things.

Using Keyboard Mapping

Using a keyboard mapping program is the next thing that can get your Genshin Impact account banned. This one app is mostly used when a second keyboard is added to an Android or PS device.

Using the Mapping app, you can usually change the settings from the keyboard to the game to run perfectly. But using the Keyboard Mapping Application is against MiHoYo’s rules and will get you banned.

Mapping Controller App

The next step is to use a Mapping Controller, which works like Keyboard mapping. MiHoYo does not allow people to use the app. The Control Mapping app uses a Stick on Android most of the time.

Currently, controllers don’t work with mobile devices, so you have to set it up yourself if you want to use one. One of them is a controller mapping program, usually made by more than one controller company.

Third-Party Game Applications

The next thing that can get your Genshin Impact account banned is using any app besides the one made by MiHoYo related to the game.

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Even though there isn’t a good example, you will get banned if you use a Genshin Impact-related app that MiHoYo didn’t make.

Using Game Booster

Using Game Booster, which can also lead to tires from MiHoYo, is very interesting. Unfortunately, it’s not clear what applications aren’t allowed since the Game Booster has a lot of different ones.

For example, include the default HP Game Booster, the default VGA (PC) Game Booster application, and many others. But it looks like it can be used if set to factory default. What shouldn’t be used, though, is the game booster app from the Google Play Store.

Account Buying and Selling

When you buy or sell a Genshin Impact account, tires can often be the result. This is against MiHoYo’s rules, and there is a lot of proof from just this one activity that gets a lot of tires.

The buying and selling process is part of personal benefits, and MiHoYo doesn’t get any money from it. If this keeps up, there will be a lot of gamers who create multiple accounts on purpose to sell them, which will make the Genshin Impact server work harder than it needs to.

Illegal Top-Up

Doing an illegal top-up is the next thing that can get your Genshin Impact account banned. This can get you banned, which is bad for game developers. This could be done by itself or with others.

Please top up on your own or use a few official sites that people already trust and are familiar with, like Unipin, Codashop, etc.

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Refund Purchases

Refunding a purchase is the last thing to get your Genshin Impact account banned. This problem has come up a lot in recent years, where many gamers top up their accounts with services you often see.

Even though not everyone does it, most people offer refunds and lower prices, so many players are tempted. Because of this, the victim’s account will get a mine primogems penalty, and if it isn’t paid, it will get banned.

So, now you know a few things that can get your Genshin Impact account banned. The reviews above should be helpful and answer any questions you have about what can happen to tires in Genshin Impact.

How to Easily Get Back into Genshin Impact in 2022

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game. When it came out in 2020, it quickly became one of the most played free-to-play games, even though there was a lot of competition even though there isn’t as much buzz about the game as there was when it was at its best.

Genshin Impact is still a very popular game, and its fans are always interested in what’s new with the game. With the developers always helping out and adding new content, we are sure that Genshin Impact will be around for a long time.

Recently, many players have been complaining about the bans they are getting from the game, and many of them want to know how to get unbanned. So, we’re giving you this article today to try to answer all your questions about this issue.

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Why do people get kicked out?

There are many ways to get banned from Genshin Impact. Here are the clearly stated rules that, if broken, will lead to your account being banned.

  • Using payment methods that aren’t allowed.
  • Using programs that let you cheat or any other illegal game programs.
  • Harassment and abuse on the Internet
  • Acting in the wrong way

If you are arrested doing any of the above, you could get a warning or be banned for a short time or good. If you get a permanent ban for breaking any of the rules, you can’t get your account back. However, many players have been wrongfully banned, so if you are one of them, there is a good chance your account will be brought back.

How to ask for your account to be unblocked

The only way of getting your account unbanned is to talk to the Genshin Impact team. The team will look at your complaint and make sure it’s true. If you were wrongfully banned, your account would probably be unbanned, and the team may even give you in-game rewards to say sorry. How to send the appeal is explained in the next section.

Go to the button marked “Feedback”:

In the game’s Paimon Menu, the last row has a “Feedback” button that you need to click. This will take you to a site where you can talk about your problem.

Account Question:

On the website, there are a lot of choices for different things. select “Account Problems” and then go to “Preset Questions.” You’ll find a question here. Why does it say that my account has been banned? How do I get it to work again? Click on this. Here is where you will get the mail with the address where you need to send your information and complaint. Most of the time, [email protected] is the email address they tell you to send your complaint to.

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Send information:

You will be required to provide your UID, server location, and justification. When the email arrives, a team will look into your account. If there are no problems, your account should be unbanned within a few days.