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The Numerous Advantages Of Tinted Windows: 3 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Many people wonder why tinted windows are so popular. Many people aren’t aware of how tinted windows can help, no matter what they are used for. For example, most people believe that window tint is just a thin plastic film put on the inside of the window. Some windows are electronically tinted and are called “smart glass” in the automotive industry.

But tinted windows aren’t just made for cars. They’re also made for other businesses. The truth is, tinted windows are used in homes and businesses, as well as for a lot of other things. It’s also because tinting a window can have many good things happen to it. If you want to know how tinted windows can help you, the following will show you some things you could not have known about them.

7 Advantages To Tint Your Windows

With more than half of our 70 years in the window tinting business, we know that tinting your windows can be good for you. However, we still run into many people who don’t know what window films can do for their homes. Because of this, we thought it could be fun to put together a list of our top seven favorite reasons why you should tint your windows. And we’re pretty sure that you’ll find at least one reason you can use it.

1. Reduce Glare

Have you ever had a glare get in the way when you’ve been watching TV? What about then if the sun makes you squint as you drive home? These are problems that window film can quickly fix! You can use dark window films to keep out the most light, but all of our windows can cut down on how bright it is outside.

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2. Reduce Fading

Window tinting is a great way to keep valuables in your home or business from fading. It doesn’t matter if you want to keep valuables in your home or business from fading. The main cause of death is ultraviolet light, and all of our window films block at least 99 percent (and some even 99.9 percent) of this light, which makes things fade. As it turns out, the next two causes are heat and visible light, both of which can be cut down on with window film!

3. Reduce Heat

The room is too hot. Are you overworking the air conditioner? Many different window films can help! People should call us before the summer heat starts. It will be hard to believe how much heat reduction window films can help when you see how much they can help.

4. Increase Privacy

Window films make it easier to enjoy the daylight view of the outside without letting your neighbors or other people pass by to see the inside. People break into homes and cars more often when they can see inside. People will be less likely to find their things if they know where to look. Traditional window films help keep people out during the day, but opaque films help all day and night!

5. Increase Safety

Window tinting also creates it more difficult for windows to break when tinted, making it safer. It will maintain the pieces of Glass together if they break. This will keep you from having to clean up shards of glass. It would help if you chose safety-focused films that are thicker. They can be anywhere from 4mm to 11mm thick.

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6. Improve The Aesthetics

If you want to make your home or business look better, window films are a good place to start. To make your home’s windows look the same from the street or add a little richness and professionalism to the outside of your business, use them to match them up.

7. Balance Your Temperatures

Last but not least, use window tinting to help you keep the temperature in your home or office the same. Hot and cold spots can make living spaces feel like two different places. Your heating and air-conditioning system will work better if you cut back on the areas that are too hot.

3 Facts about Tint Your Windows

1. Security

Avoid things that you can’t see. People are more likely to swim in clear water than in dark water, where they can’t see anything. And this is the main cause why tinted windows are more secure than clear ones. Because most thieves won’t want to break into your home because they can’t see what’s behind the darkened windows, they won’t be able to find anything of value.

A car or home with tinted windows gives its owner more protection from the sun. Many studies have also shown that homes and cars with darkened windows are much less likely to be broken into, So if you want a little extra security, you can tint your windows. This provides you with a security grade than standard windows don’t have.

2. Temperature Control

It’s about 93 million miles away. Yet this powerful sphere can change the planet in so many ways because it emits so much energy. Much sunlight can make the earth very hot and even make rocks warm. If the right conditions are there, it can also get into the ocean up to 1,000 meters deep. It can also break through Glass and heat a whole room with open windows on a clear day.

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Homes and businesses with tinted windows use less energy than those with clear Glass. And this is because the tint traps the heat and doesn’t let the full amount of sunlight into the home, making tinted windows an investment that keeps paying off. It’s easy to cut down on your energy costs and keep your home or office at a comfortable temperature with tinted windows, blinds, and shades in place, especially during the hot summer months.

3. Added Safety

One of the more interesting things about tinted windows is that they make our windows safer. Many people don’t know this. For example, studies have shown that cars with tinted Glass caused far fewer injuries when their windows shattered and Glass flew out after a car accident. The film helps keep the Glass from splintering and cutting people.

The same is true for the windows in your home. Tinted windows on businesses and homes make them more difficult to break and scare away thieves. When there is a storm or something like that, it also makes people behind the windows less likely to be hit by debris that flies around. Glass can be cut with very little effort, and tinted Glass is much better at protecting you than clear windows that can splinter and break.