Who Is The Most Courageous Pokemon Anime Character?

In the world of Pokemon anime, there are a lot of different characters who are all brave in their ways and for different reasons. Some people will be seen as brave because they have shown they are tough, while others will be seen as brave because they are kind and trust themselves.

It’s not hard to be brave if you’re a Pokemon with special powers, and surprisingly, it’s even easier if you’re the one who gave them those powers. It should also be clear that Ash, Misty, and Brock are some of the bravest people in the Pokemon world, but if you take them away, you still have many moving teachers and protectors.

The real Jenny

Official Jenny, and other people in this world, talk about being brave even when facing evil. She fights against all the different criminal groups, like Team Rocket, and has even been known to stop Pokemon, like when she thought Pikachu was a bad guy. She swears to protect and serve the truth, and she does just that. When she’s off-base, she admits her mistakes and keeps going to be better and make things better for the people she wants to help.


He can never back down from a fight, but he also helps those he beats by giving them important advice and criticism. He loves to study new matters and is always trying to learn more about his surroundings. When Ash first meets Cilan, he doesn’t like him, no matter how much he wants to learn.

Cilan has become much more open-minded because of the many things he has done and the people he has met along the way. This shows a great willingness to learn and grow as a person. Even though he doesn’t show a lot of real courage, it takes courage to let your beliefs be tested.

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Kiawe is a member of the Ultra Guardians and a group made to stop the Ultra Beasts. He is very serious about his work. He is also very overprotective of his younger sister and will do everything to keep her safe. Kiawe is a fire-type trainer, so he must deal with the strongest and most grounded Beasts. He also has to deal with the strongest Pokemon, which takes all his energy. Even though he gets angry quickly and starts fights, he usually wins.


Iris’s bravery is often compared to a wild child since she swings from plants and moves around. She knows that her favorite Pokemon, which she calls “mythical beasts,” are mostly good. She can understand their thinking and emotions well and has used winged serpent types to get to where she is now as the Champion of Unova. Debris is always making fun of Iris for being a kid and young, so it’s easy to dismiss her strength as childish ignorance, but she’s a great coach and very sure of herself.


Clemont is an inventor whose ideas don’t work as often as they should, but he stays committed to his scientific research. Because he wants to know everything, he is now in a situation with the Lumiose Gym Leader, where he keeps up with his Pokemon. Taking this situation seriously, he didn’t change his mind about protecting his gym, and when Team Flare attacked and took it over for their benefit, he took it back with a little help from Ash. He fought hard to get back his rightful case of Lumiose Gym.

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Pikachu Hunter J

Pikachu Hunter J, or Pokemon Hunter J, is the opposite of almost every other Pokemon character. He is very cruel and doesn’t care about anyone’s happiness. She has put her partners in danger for her good and wealth. Since she only thinks about money, she is very cold and calculating. This makes her brave, even when she has to take risks and work hard. Even though she uses her grit to be sneaky and mean, it shouldn’t go unnoticed by the people around her so that she isn’t underrated.

Winner Cynthia

Cynthia is the Champion of Sinnoh right now, and she often shows both physical and mental courage. She is a very strong Pokemon coach who confidently takes on the hardest challenges. Cynthia also jumps, especially when fighting against Team Rocket and Team Galactic. She doesn’t back down even when the odds are against her. Instead, she stands up for what’s right, even when the odds are against her.


She is another member of the Ultra Guardians. She fights hard to catch and control Ultra Beasts, which is a big change from how she was with Pokemon, where she was scared to even be near them, let alone touch them.

She had to leave her home when she was young because her family was in danger because of something that happened with Pokemon. Her mom was then kidnapped and put in danger again by Pokemon, but Lillie used her brains and courage to save her mom, beating her fears and showing that she was truly fearless.

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Dawn is known for being sure of herself and being very confident. She admits when she’s wrong and then does what she needs to learn from and move past her mistakes. She doesn’t handle losing very well, though, and after a setback, she got very down on herself. She worked hard to get over her bad luck and win the Wallace Cup. Even though her bravery is more mental than physical, it is still very important as she helps Ash and Maylene deal with their depression.


Leon’s determination comes from how he feels about himself. He is the nicest and most caring person in all Pokemon anime. Even though his main goal is to be the best, he encourages everyone to try to be the best, especially those he beats in battle. Even though some people want him to get sick, he seems kind. When he competed in the World Coronation String at the Master Class level and almost lost because Charizard was hurt, he overcame his problems with honesty and a positive attitude and won.