10 video games that celebrate important anniversaries this year

Many of us started playing video games as long as we can remember and over the years we saw some of our favorite franchises grow and evolve alongside us. This 2021 in particular, multiple sagas of this industry will be celebrating important anniversaries and here we share 10 of the most outstanding ones.


The first game in this franchise debuted on November 1, 2001, so this year will celebrate 20 years of the legendary Bungie saga. Could the launch of Halo: Infinite coincide with this date?

Crash Bandicoot

Our favorite marsupial will turn 25 next September, as the first game in the series debuted for the first PlayStation way back in 1996.

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resident Evil

Similar to Crash, the first Resident Evil game debuted for the first PlayStation, so this year, the Capcom franchise will be celebrating its 25th anniversary.


The first Pokémon games – say Red, Green, and Blue – debuted in Japan for the GameBoy, so this year they will also be celebrating their 25th birthday.

Sonic the Hedhegog

SEGA’s mascot will turn 30 in 2021. The Blue Hedgehog’s first title was released for the SEGA Genesis in 1991 and became one of the most iconic platformers of all time.

Kid icarus

Kid Icarus might not be as popular as the other titles on this list, but it certainly has a good following. With the release of the first game in 1986, the series will celebrate its 35th anniversary in 2021.

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One of the most recognizable franchises of all time will turn 35 in 2021, with the first game in the series debuting for the NES in 1986.


This year will mark 35 years since the first Metroid came out for the NES in 1986, and with a fourth installment in development, nothing would be better than launching it this year.

The legend of zelda

Possibly one of the most iconic franchises in video games, the legendary Nintendo series will celebrate its 35th anniversary this year as the first game was released in 1986 for the NES. Will we see something related to BOTW 2?

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Donkey kong

It sounds hard to believe, but the first Donkey Kong game was released in the arcades in 1981. That’s right, one of Mario’s first enemies will turn 40 in 2021, so all those who enjoyed it on these platforms are basically everyone. some men.