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14 curiosities you didn’t know about Detroit: Become Human

14 curiosities you didn’t know about Detroit: Become Human

Nowadays, games in which you make decisions and various stories are written are very popular, and it is not that they are a new trend either, in fact, long before there were books that had similar interactions giving the reader the power to risk the choose to go to one page or another. In any case, in the past generation the French developer David Cage and his Quantic Dream studio stood out in the “interactive drama” scene with very original proposals such as Heavy Rain, which did their bit to forge the identity of the PS3.

After the risky Beyond: Two Souls that gave us a story with irrelevant interactions and decisions that came to the same point, Quantic Dream is once again returning to what made them shine with Heavy Rain. With the same intensity that Beyond was presented, but with the flavor of the mystery and the decisions that change the story in Heavy Rain, the futuristic thriller Detroit: Become Human will arrive, its most recent proposal that promises to revolutionize its genre once again by being the most ambitious game of the studio.

I had the opportunity to attend a closed-door presentation of the game with David Cage introducing us to this new title and answering questions from a group of media, the demo he presented to us was the same as the one we saw at the E3 2016 conference, although extended a shortly before what was shown in the show to the entire public and also explaining very clearly how things really change depending on the direction your decisions take.

Virtually identical to the demo we saw on stage at the PlayStation conference, in the first demo we were shown, detective and android protagonist Connor failed to save a little girl who was kidnapped by an android; In a second round, we were shown live gameplay with the special abilities of this peculiar robotic detective so that, very much in the style of LA Noir, we could take advantage of the evidence to convince the kidnapper to release the girl.

There were very interesting facts about Detroit: Become Human that were revealed in the session I participated in, I’m going to list them as trivia hoping you enjoy them and better understand what the game is about.

1. It is a story of androids oppressed by humans

David Cage presented us with the basic argument of the title, he said that more than being a science fiction story, it is a futuristic story in which we do not have things as sophisticated as flying cars or something like that, rather it is a society very similar to the current only with the difference that technological advances have allowed androids very similar to humans to be made to carry out very daily tasks and very routine jobs.

In the universe of the game, the mystery begins when several androids begin to experience not only their routine of complying with their programming, but also their artificial intelligence allows them to have emotions, so a lack of control arises in which there are suicides and other crimes between androids.

More than being the classic story of the android that rebels against the human, it is the human oppressor of the android who is treated almost like garbage, so the game will make us play from the perspective of the oppressed android who for some reason develops emotions that start this story.

2. The game takes place in the city of Detroit in the year 2036.

3. Developed a new Quantic Dream engine that looks great

4. There are several playable characters

The game will have multiple playable characters like Heavy Rain, each with their stories. So far we know Kara, who emerged from a Quantic Dream tech demo, and Connor, who we saw at E3 2016. Each one of them has their particularities in gameplay as well as unique abilities depending on her programming; For Connor’s case, it has advanced detective tools that remind us of the ARI from Heavy Rain and that provide us with gameplay similar to that of the crime scene investigation scenes in that game.

5. Its gameplay is very similar to Heavy Rain and Beyond

It’s fairly accessible, consisting of scrolling, choosing dialog by pressing a button, and running QTE events and other quick reactions in action scenes.

6. With over 2,000 pages of script, it is one of the largest interactive drama experiences

David Cage confirmed this information in addition to telling us that practically every experience will be different and the possibilities in decisions are much greater compared to everything the study has done.

7. It has more different endings than Heavy Rain

We have mentioned that a lot follows the line of the first Quantic Dream game on PS3, well, David Cage confirms that there will be “many more” endings that Detroit will have compared to the couple of dozen that Heavy Rain had.

8. It will follow chronological order

Many criticized the chronological leap that Beyond’s narrative had due to its design, in this case David Cage mentioned that the game follows a normal chronological order that will flow in chapters that forget about the experiment that was done with the game starring Ellen Page.

9. If you think something is possible, you should try it

According to its developers, there are a large number of objects and situations with which you can interact, in fact, pressing one of the triggers pauses the action completely and everything you can do appears on the screen in the place where you are. you find In addition to the above, David Cage invites us to experiment, commenting that even taking a small object could be the key to changing history.

10. Every action has short and long term consequences

The statement for a game of this nature may seem logical, but it is important to quote it separately because according to Cage just as the outcome of a chapter can be very strong due to a success or error, so radical can there be a change long after a decision. . Whether all your characters finish the game alive is up to you.

11. There are no bad or good decisions

Although the game tells you that a mission was a success or failure, Cage insisted that technically there are no bad or good decisions, simply each one is part of the story and that all situations due to their context will impose new challenges,

12. Failing will sometimes make things more interesting.

If you are a perfectionist, it is better that you stop being one and follow your instincts because as heartbreaking as a failure may seem, it is possible that it leads to a much more interesting story, as Cage explained to us during the presentation. However, if you didn’t like something you decided on, you can go back to save points, but it’s not recommended if you want to have the optimal experience.

13. One wrong move can destroy a situation.

It may seem that everything is going in one direction, for example, Connor has a bar that indicates the probability of success in a mission, even so, you can have a result completely opposite to the possibilities with the simple fact of having a movement in false, something that is well illustrated by what was shown in the E3 demo.

14. Inspirations for Detroit Become: Human

Just as at some point Heavy Rain and its concept was inspired by literature and film thrillers such as Black Dalia and Memories of Murder respectively according to the words of David Cage, for the whole issue of emotions, humanity as a concept and other topics relevant to the game’s androids was inspired by research works such as Humanity 2.0.

Being honest, it seems to me that David Cage’s ambitious proposal paints to deliver something really memorable in the sense of the wide range of possibilities that they include in a formula that worked very well with Heavy Rain, a title that is widely noted to return as a strong inspiration for this project.

We will be waiting for more details about it, are you interested in Detroit?