2020 was the best year for GTA V and GTA Online since its launch in 2013

Despite having left since 2013, Grand Theft Auto V continues to sell like hot cakes, and the same could be said for GTA Online with all its microtransactions. In fact, 2020 represented the best year in terms of earnings for both titles, or so he said. Take-Two Interactive.

In a recent financial report, Take-two revealed that GTA V had 140 million units sold to date, that is, more than 10 million copies were sold since May last year. Additionally, in 2020 more units of GTA V than in any other year since 2013.

On the other hand, GTA Online continues to record strong revenues for its developers. Take-two explained that the game had more monthly players in 2020 than any other year since its launch. Similarly, their income increased by 28% compared to 2019.

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