343 Industries announces Halo: Point of Light with a 2021 release date

While we wait for the eventual release of Halo Infinite, 343 Industries has revealed a new visual novel under the name of Halo: Point of Light, which will be a direct sequel to Halo: Smoke & Shadow and Halo: Renegades. Here we share what the story will be about.

On the official website of Halo Waypoint, you can read the following:

“August 2558. Rion Forge was determined by her insatiable mission of hope in a post-Covenant galaxy, after years of searching for a family. But that was before Rion and the crew of his scavenger ship, Ace of Spades, encountered a powerful and tragic being who would forever change their lives. This survivor of years past brought with himself the revelation of ancient plans and a brutal and breathtaking story. “

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Specifically, these events will take place one month after the history of Halo 5: Guardians, but it is unknown if it will have any kind of connection with Halo Infinite.