3D selfies would be possible with Apple’s new iPhone

A new virtual reality experience and a modern unlocking system would be the innovations that the next iPhone would bring.

Unlocking with fingerprint it would be a thing of the past with the new facial recognition that Apple would incorporate into its next device.

This novel system would be designed by Primesense, a company that belongs to the franchise of the iconic apple company since 2013, according to the Apple analyst, Ming Chi Kuo.

Although companies like Samsung and Microsoft They have incorporated the facial recognition system in their equipment, they have had several criticisms, because their cameras have problems with detecting ethnic groups other than white.

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For Apple this would not be an impediment, because “these cameras have shown that they have less problems to recognize dark skin tones and can identify identical twins“, according Consumer Report.

The company in recent years has been motivated by working on facial recognition, which is why it has acquired companies specializing in it, its latest acquisition was Realface, in which an identification of features is made in real time.

Even so, concerns arise with the issue of privacy, because with this new modification Apple would obtain a total map of the users’ faces and the way in which it would handle this information or if it could be disabled by the user is unknown.

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