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  7. 40% of new Xbox users own a Series S

40% of new Xbox users own a Series S

40% of new Xbox users own a Series S

Xbox started the new generation, not with one new console, but with two. In addition to the Series X, the most powerful platform, we also saw the launch of the S series, a smaller and more accessible version. Now, It has been revealed that more than 40% of new Xbox users have this white piece of hardware.

Although at the moment there is no specific data related to the number of new Xbox sold worldwide, this gives us an idea of ​​how attractive the Series S has been in the market. In addition to offering us the next generation experience at only $ 299 dollars, or $ 8,499 pesos, this platform is designed to get the most out of Game Pass.

However, it is important to consider that the Xbox Series S only offers us 512 GB of memory, which is reduced to only 364 GB available to the user. Similarly, this is a completely digital console, so we do not have a disc player. Finally, the platform offers us a lower resolution in several games, at least compared to the Series X.

Despite these drawbacks, the great price of the Xbox Series S has turned out to be quite attractive. Similarly, it seems that it is easier to get this console on the market today, while the Series X constantly sells out at various stores.

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