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7 Cool Details From Detroit: Become Human

7 Cool Details From Detroit: Become Human

As we told you last year, the proposal for Detroit Become Human puts us in a scenario in which, in the not too distant future, technology has advanced so much that the city of Detroit where it takes place is full of androids that serve the humans. The premise proposes that these mechanical beings question their place in society and thus we can ask ourselves, what makes us human?

Yesterday we had the opportunity to participate in a closed session with Guillaume de Fondaumière, Co-CEO of Quantic Dream and executive producer of the game, who gave us a deeper look at the demo we saw at the Sony conference exploring various of the options that we suggested to him about what had to be done.

Here are some points that seem important to me and that we did not know or had not been very clear about Detroit Become Human.

1. There will be three playable characters

With the reveal of Marcus with the new gameplay that was revealed at E3, we know that the final number of playable characters that will be available is three.

Kara he was the one who started it all, if you remember that Quntic Dream tech-demo you will know that at that time we didn’t even imagine that this character would have a game. Already about his role in Detroit Become Human we know that he is a kind of agent who works for humans looking for deviants, which are androids that have revealed themselves and are now even a threat to humans.

-Connor is the character that was introduced last year and as we knew back then he is an agent whose skills focus a lot on investigation as a detective.

-Marcus is the character we met this E3, he is a rebellious android known as deviants and practically what he seeks is his liberation from others and the liberation of the rest of the machines like him.

The stories of the three characters will be completely intertwined and what happens to one will affect the other two and the hundreds of characters that come across their paths, much like what we saw in Heavy Rain at the time.

2. There is never a “game over” screen in the game

Last year after receiving the presentation with David Cage about Detroit we talked about it but this time it was emphasized. No action, however bad it may seem, should be considered a failure.

Failing a mission and even dying is not the same as losing, they are only ingredients of some other of its many possibilities in its narrative.

3. How long will it last?

Last year we learned that his script had more than 2000 pages on this occasion during the talk Fondaumière told us that although they have not calculated how long it will take to finish the story, the game has approximately 45 hours of animation work to weave its full story of multiple possibilities.

4. His scenes change dramatically depending on what you decide…

In the presentation we had with Fondaumiere, we were shown the demo we saw at the PlayStation conference, albeit with several alternatives to the gameplay that was shown in which Marcus faces the situation of having to free a group of androids from a store.

What surprised me wasn’t just its stunning visuals made so much better thanks to a PS4 Pro and a brand new 4K display, but how much it changes the course of history depending on what you decide. In the demo with Guillaume the decision was made to simply abandon the mission and then assisted by our requests, the CEO of Quantic Dream finally took the violent path, freeing Marcus’s android companions and destroying the entire area of ​​the city they were in. with impressive fire effects.

Fondaumière told us that it is without a doubt the most ambitious project for his studio, something that is definitely noticeable when we see that in no other of his titles had we seen the course of things change so dramatically depending on what you were deciding.

5. What makes this game special compared to other narrative-focused titles?

In one of my turns to ask, I commented to Guillaume Fondaumière that at the time Heavy Rain surprised as an interactive drama in a market not so saturated with this type of game, a completely different scenario than the one we have today that there are several strong exponents of the gender; Among all that, what does Quantic Dream intend to surprise the audience with?

The producer of the game told me that it is the theme and tone of the story that they tell us that makes them different from the rest of the proposals on the market, he made a lot of emphasis on the fact that the theme they tackle with Detroit: Become Human is existentialist and It really leaves us with a question of what makes us human, reflects us on ourselves, makes us reflect and goes beyond something that only entertains us; he says that few games make us question ourselves and Detroit is what he bets on. That kind of deep reflections that are combined with an ambitious project that, as we have seen in its different demos, has an enormous production.

6. Could it be that we can see what other people have decided?

Almost every game that presents us with this kind of multi-path narrative presents us with what others have decided in stats being shared online, Quantic Dream himself did it with the PS4 version of Beyond: Two Souls. When I asked Fondaumière about this, he told me that it is something that they have definitely been working on and that they want to complement, although it is also a huge challenge in a game in which there are so many different possibilities. That leaves us then with a “yes, but work is still being done on it”.

7. As for your gameplay, what is the hallmark?

Many will say, these interactive dramas are more seen than played, but it is important to note that they also have their very specific gameplay. In this sense, we can tell you that Quantic Dream remains very faithful to what we saw in its past games, a bit of exploration, investigation, many QTEs and, above all, contextual actions.

Still I got to thinking, just as in Beyond we had Aiden as an entity with which we explored and possessed other humans, what is the hallmark of the gameplay for Detroit?

Faced with this question, the producer of the game told me that this will depend a lot on each of the characters, the three are very different and although they share some things as androids, they have very specific characteristics that will make us enjoy their differences that leave us with different styles.

Unlike some of its previous games, there are no plans to allow the use of another type of control such as the PS Move as it has a Dualshock 4 that allows us to use very precise movement controls as well. Any initiative to seek to turn Detroit into a virtual reality experience is also ruled out.

From what we’ve seen, what do you like most about Detroit: Become Human?