A cell phone battery can pollute 600 thousand liters of water, do you know how to recycle them?

Follow these helpful tips to recycle your battery and prevent it from becoming a major source of contamination.

According to a study by Qualcomm, in Colombia 51% of people have smartphonesThus, there are 14.7 million smartphones in the country.

But what to do with batteries when for some reason we stop using them, either because they are old or because they are damaged, as there are a series of recommendations to avoid generating contamination.

And it is that this type of waste has become a problem in terms of its management, collection, use and proper disposal. Few know what to do with this type of waste that affects the environment so much. It is worth saying that a single cell phone battery can contaminate up to 600 thousand liters of water.

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The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development is promoting a post-consumer educational campaign, based on an application that seeks to educate the end consumer on correct practices in the return of waste that raises awareness about caring for the environment.

The new application seeks alternatives to multiply the concept of extended producer responsibility, in which manufacturers and importers of products are responsible for establish post-consumer waste return channels.

The intention of this application is that consumers through their mobile device can access information in a simple and direct way. Know where they can dispose of products when they become waste and thus prevent them from lFinal disposal is carried out jointly with household waste (paper, cardboard, plastic).

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Currently there is a management company for waste electrical and electronic equipment called Ekosolv that takes these elements for recycling and places them in the production chain through proper recycling.

Mario Castilla, director of Ekosolv, solves some doubts regarding the recycling of this type of device.

What is the environmental damage caused by not recycling?

“There is an ecological, environmental and economic damage because if they do not recycle there is an impact on natural resources.”

How positive is recycling?

“Recycling generates employment, income and profits for the country.”

What is the proper way and where can it be recycled?

“There are some points located where the user can dispose of what is recyclable and we have, in some companies, collection points; likewise, they can call us and we can go to the companies and advise them to take these electrical and electronic equipment to and make a correct disposal of them “.

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What does Ekosolv contribute?

“We are contributing to the productivity and sustainability of the country; Although Colombia still has low recycling figures, it is one of the leading countries in Latin America with a tendency to recycle more and more ”.

What is the proper recycling process for these cell phones?

“The units are taken, a separation is made, a classification is made and we try to make the best use in Colombia and what are heavy materials, we send them to a refinery outside the country.”

What can the components of a cell phone or an electrical or electronic device end up becoming?

“They end up turning into jewelry, into gold bars used for various industries and plastic to make asphalt or shoe soles.”

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