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A new controller for the Xbox Series X | S goes on sale next month


Last year, Microsoft offered us three different models of controls in conjunction with the launch of the Xbox Series X | S. Now, today it has been revealed that, in addition to Carbon Black, Robot White and Shock Blue, Players will be able to purchase the Xbox Wireless Controller: Press Red.

As the name implies, the new control is colored red. Similarly, it has a black hue in the upper part, where the triggers are located, and in the rear area we find a white hue. This new product will be priced at $ 64.99, and will be on sale starting February 9. However, in China this product will hit stores tomorrow, January 12. Similarly, in some markets the controller will include 14 days of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

As this is the new line of controls, we can look forward to the inclusion of the Share button as well as a concave hybrid D-Pad, and textures on the back and triggers that allow you to have a better grip. In addition to the Xbox Series X | S, you can use this controller on an Xbox One, PC, and even mobile devices. The Red Pulse features a UBS-C input, a 3.5mm headphone port, and can use AA batteries.

On related issues, Phil Spencer ensures big surprises for Xbox in 2021. Similarly, Microsoft denies being forced to use AA batteries for the controls of its consoles.

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