A new firmware update is coming for PlayStation 4

Today not only came a new firmware update for the Playstation 5, but Sony also released another update for the Playstation 4, which to the surprise of many, does more than just stabilize the system and here we tell you what you can expect from this new patch.

If you have a PS4 and you turn it on right now, you will be greeted by optional patch 8.03, but what exactly does it do? After downloading and installing the 477MB update, a new option will be available in the system quick menu.

Now you can disable the voice audio of the games, an option that you will find under the Audio / Devices menu. If you activate this option, voice chat in games will be disabled. Your voice will not be heard, and you will not be able to hear other players either. This setting does not apply to party audio. “

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Basically, you can mute all the chat of some online game, such as GTA or Call of Duty.