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A new iPad with Face ID is confirmed by the internal code of iOS


In the event WWDC this year, Apple presented several innovations but all aimed at software, such as the new version of iOS 12, and the new macOS. As most of the time it happens, the developers analyze the new operating system from the inside to get to know it and see what news it brings us, because sometimes Apple leaves one thing or another unhidden.

An iOS developer named Guilherme Rambo has been reviewing the code for the new iOS version and has found information about something that has been rumored several times, the new function of Face ID on iPad devices. the developer has published images and videos about the Face ID references, showing the Interface where the new unlock function would be found. To include Face ID unlock you need to have the right sensors to work and to date no iPad has them, suggesting that a new device will arrive with this feature. This is the tweet that Rambo wrote.

“The Face ID setup UI is finally working on iPad. Clearly not done yet as can be seen by the descriptions mentioning “iPhone”. But it’s a start»

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The little video lasts only a few seconds and we can see the interface where we can configure the function. There are no details about the release of this new iPad, but it could be presented in September along with the iPhones it plans to launch. The new version of iOS came with performance and stability improvements. It is likely that the new iPad will arrive with this version, hopefully the Cupertino company will give us more details on this soon.

What do you think of the development of a new iPad with Face ID?


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