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A prototype of Samsung’s folding smartphone appears in leaked images


Samsung has long worked with various ways to design the world’s first foldable smartphoneToday we are facing one of the tests that the company has done. The name of this sample is Project V and today we had our first impressions of him. A few hours ago, images of a prototype of the brand’s folding smartphone were leaked, in which we can see a phone with two screens, one of which can be folded. It seems that Samsung has not only had one phone in mind for the idea of ​​creating a folding smartphone, we realize that from this leaked image.

The company filed a patent last year that matches this design. The phone has the model number SM-G929F, for reference the Galaxy S6 edge and the Galaxy S7 they have the model SM-G925x and SM-G930x, so we can assure that this device was being tested or developed between the years 2015 and 2016. We can also confirm it by the old icon of the Play Store and the date January 7 (2015). Unfortunately this model has been canceled.

In the prototype we can see a phone with a design similar to the S6 / S6 Edge, the front and the frames are very similar. It should be mentioned that it is a little thicker than most smartphones, although it does not exceed 10 millimeters. Has a 5.2-inch main screen with FullHD resolution together with a second screen with the same characteristics, this can be placed behind the device and taken out when you want to expand the display mode.

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The phone has the same idea as the ZTE Axon M we saw a few months ago, we could also see double screen that could be saved. Samsung may already have the final idea of ​​what the foldable phone would look like and may have decided to cancel the other models. It is expected to launch the first flexible screen phone early next year.

What do you think of this leaked smartphone?