Since when Activision Blizzard was bought by microsoft There is a lot of discussion about the future of Bobby KotickCEO of the company and in recent months at the center of controversies related to harassment and a toxic work environment within the giant of the gaming industry.

With Microsoft considering executives to create new leadership, there are many rumors of Kotick leaving Activision Blizzard. If this scenario really materializes, it looks like the CEO could receive a $15 million severance pay In case of dismissal without just cause: the portal informs you Axios by analyzing the Securities & Exchange Commission documents in its possession, from which more interesting data emerge.

In fact, it seems that Activision’s board of directors could give Kotick approximately $22 million in shares in case it actually manages to improve the company’s internal work culture by next July, resorting to zero-tolerance policies towards inappropriate attitudes and hiring more non-binary employees. Furthermore, Kotick himself has more than six and a half million shares of the companyof the value of 619 million dollars that Microsoft would have to pay to gain full control of Activision.

In short, the situation is constantly evolving and everything depends on the decisions that Microsoft will make in the future towards the current CEO of Activision. In recent days it has also emerged that Phil Spencer approached Bobby Kotick immediately after the harassment allegations, and those initial conversations would have laid the groundwork for Microsoft’s future acquisition of the industry giant.

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