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Activision Blizzard: the company responds, but a petition arrives with 1000 signatures

Activision Blizzard: the company responds, but a petition arrives with 1000 signatures

Activision Blizzard has responded to the legal abuse allegation, but more than 1,000 workers have signed a petition against.

It is certainly not a good time for the company Activision Blizzard which, in addition to the petition of these last hours, less than a week ago she was sued for alleged allegations of harassment and abuse especially on female workers. One major assertion refers to the fact that women were paid and promoted even less than men.

The company was certainly not silent and the answers were not late. However, as often happens in these situations, there are those who say one thing and those who say another. Precisely for this reason, almost 1000 employees between current and non-Activision Blizzard they signed a petition against the answers reported by the company, calling their words “offensive and aberrant” towards the workers.

Although the company calls these allegations “incorrect, old and out of context”, there are those who do not think the same way. Many have risen, as well as through a legal action, also on social media to demonstrate the fact.

Many now say they are worried, both at work and beyond. Here are some parts of the response letter from around 1000 employees.

NEW: Nearly 1,000 current / former Activision Blizzard employees have signed an open letter calling the company’s response to the discrimination lawsuit “abhorrent and insulting.”

“We will not be silenced, we will not stand aside, and we will not give up” https://t.co/cIWYSinPhw

– Jason Schreier (@jasonschreier) July 26, 2021

To Activision Blizzard leaders,

We the undersigned agree that Activision Blizzard’s statements, as well as Frances Townsend’s subsequent internal statement, are repugnant and offensive to everything we believe our company should stand for. To put it plainly and unambiguously, our values ​​as employees are not accurately reflected in the words and actions of our leadership.

We believe these claims have damaged our ongoing pursuit of equality within and outside our industry. It also questions the ability of our organizations to hold attackers accountable for their actions and to foster a safe environment in which victims can come forward in the future. Immediate corrections are needed from the highest level of our organization.

Our company executives have said action will be taken to protect us, but in the face of legal action – and the troubling official responses that followed – we no longer trust that our leaders will put employee safety above their own. interests. To claim that this is a “truly meritless and irresponsible lawsuit,” while seeing so many current and former employees talk about their experiences of harassment and abuse, is simply unacceptable.

We ask for official statements that recognize the gravity of these allegations and show compassion for the victims of harassment and assault. We are with all of our friends, teammates and colleagues, as well as members of our dedicated community, who have experienced abuse or harassment of any kind. We will not be silenced, we will not stand aside and we will not give up until the company we love is a workplace we can all feel proud to be a part of again. We will be the change.