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Amazon now delivers Whole Food groceries for Prime users


Amazon continue to extend their agreement and have expanded the online shopping and delivery service in some cities. Now with Whole Foods in select US cities for now. Whole Foods are that can be ordered through Prime, they are fresh and organic produce, baked goods, dairy, meat and seafood, flowers and daily consumption products, as well as select alcohol.

Some time ago Amazon bought Whole Foods for a total price of $13.7 billion, exactly in the month of June of last year, shortly after that it started producing Speakers, which we know as Amazon Echo and reduced the prices of its online store to members who had Prime purchased obviously in your store.

Amazon is making a good idea of ​​taking advantage of its store to offer more services such as grocery products, As for shipping you can choose between one and two hours, if you want the product to arrive within an hour you will have to pay $ 7.99 in purchases that over $35. For now the cities where it is available are Dallas, Virginia Beach, Cincinnati and Austin.

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This new integration between Whole Foods and Amazon’s own Amazon Fresh will give Whole Foods customers another way to order food online and get it quickly, since we already mentioned that it has been part of Amazon for a year now. Amazon Prime is in more than 50 global markets, and Amazon could expand the grocery delivery portion of Prime Now faster than before through Whole Foods stores that previously had similar shipping but shipped to places very close to where they were sold. located.

Would you like this new Amazon integration to come to your city soon?


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