Analysis Reports RE Village Has S Series Performance Issues

This Friday it finally opens Resident Evil Village, one of the most anticipated games for this year. The new of Capcom will be available for the current and past generation of consoles, however, a recent analysis indicates that the version of Xbox Series S has certain performance issues.

Digital Foundry, as usual, he published an analysis in Youtube where they explore in detail the versions of PlayStation 5 and Series X / S from Village. While the game performance is flawless in PS5 and Series X, the same cannot be said of Series S, particularly when ray-tracing is activated.

The S seriessurprisingly, it is capable of supporting ray-tracing, but for the case of Village, the experts of Digital Foundry suggest disabling it completely.

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“How is Series S doing? Yes, there is an RT option and no, we do not recommend activating it as it suffers a heavy performance hit. While the Series X runs at just under 60FPS, the Series S hovers around 30FPS with rather poor performance. However, the image quality is impressive: whereas the Series X renders in 4K, the Series S renders in 2K – but this has a strong impact on its performance. Luckily, it is possible to disable ray tracing on the S Series, allowing the game to run at 60FPS with minor drops. “

Not long ago, Capcom made known the different resolutions and FPS for Village in each of the consoles and here you can take a look.

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Resident Evil Village will debut this Friday May 7 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC.