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Apex Legends: announced the new Dark Horse art book

Apex Legends: announced the new Dark Horse art book

Dark Horse has just announced a new art book for the famous Free-to-play Apex Legends, available in the next months of 2021.

Dark Horse Comics has just presented its latest themed work Apex Legends, that is to say a new art book, inspired by the characters who contributed to making the free-to-play by Respawn Entertainment. The comic with the name of: The Art of Apex Legends, will therefore be available from November 10, 2021.

Unfortunately, we do not yet know what all the themes presented by the artists in the art book will be but it is likely that the work went to print even before the introduction of the new legend. Valkyrie presented in the season 9 by Apex Legends, or Fuse of the octave. This is because in some art works leaked on the net there were all the protagonists except the last two. Consequently we expect to see the original heroes and all fairly recent ones up to Horizon of season 7.

Dark Horse’s announcement did not fail to emphasize:

Immerse yourself in (and admire) the best features of the unique Legendary skins

Probably alluding to the different aesthetic skins that you can select for your Legends in the game and that will most likely also be present in the work. Then they also stated:

Admire the complexity (and all the features) of each weapon, explore every (single) corner of the game’s battle-scarred arenas, and more!

The art book in question is definitely a collector’s item that will make all fans of the game happy. After all, in Apex legends there are already numerous sketches and even some comics dedicated to the lore and personal stories of the Legends who then face each other in the arena, all in a dedicated section, accessible in the game and which can be expanded with treasure chests. . A well outlined universe that takes its foundations from the Titanfall series that laid the narrative foundations.

In fact, Apex teams are originally a group of mercenaries, not exactly unscrupulous presented as antagonists of the game Titanfall 2, which, however, more generally also include a large number of fighters with noble motivations, including some of the famous Legends presented in the battle royale title.

A battle royale that we have to specify now also includes interesting new features such as one competitive 3vs3 mode in small-scale maps, which we covered in more detail in our article.

We want to close the news with the clarification that with The Art of the Apex Legends it is certainly not the first time that Dark Horse Gaming is in charge of the title, given that in the previous months the “Overtime” art book had already been shown. You can still pre-order this new chapter directly from Amazon from this link.