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Apex Legends: streamer reaches Predator rank in over 2 days of live

Apex Legends: streamer reaches Predator rank in over 2 days of live

After a live of over 2 days, an Apex Legends streamer managed to get to the Predator rank starting from scratch with a new character.

Over the last weekend, one streamer managed to reach Predator rank in Apex Legends starting from scratch after being live continuously for more than a couple of days.

Despite the fact that two full years have passed since the release of the juggle published by Electronic Arts, surprises keep coming, just like in the case of Timmy An (aka iiTzTimmy), who was able to go from bronze to master in just one stream.

The live has begun last Saturday, initially raging in the smaller lobbies, all the way to the highest peaks the following Monday after being on the air for around 46 hours. The climb through the diamond grades took almost a full day, perhaps the hardest step.

After two days and roughly 54 hours of live broadcast, Timmy An managed to achieve his goal: get the rank of Apex Predator. Being able to win this title has brought him into the list of 750 best players of Apex Legends on its platform.

Although there were some moments of pause to eat, drink or other basic needs, the whole live was pretty continuous. An, however, had to interrupt the Apex Legends live to start a new one after 48 hours: Twitch rules dictate that the duration of a live does not go beyond that limit. This hasn’t stopped An from starting a new one quickly.

The difficulties did not come only from the IT front, since as the stream went on, the user understandably began to show slowly signs of tirednessto. His performance, however, was incredible as the lobbies become more and more challenging as he climbs.

Staying on the Apex Legends theme, a now former lead designer was fired from Respawn for some old comments dating back to 2007. We leave you at the link to our dedicated article for all the information.