Apple develops some Airpods with noise cancellation and On Ear headphones

Apple is developing a new version of Airpods, the wireless earbuds that first arrived in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. A new report says the company is preparing to launch a new generation of Airpods and also a headset On Ear, that is, they rest on the ear.

An internal company source said that these headphones could be launched early next year, giving a new line of products when it comes to sound in the market, assuming a new strategy for the firm. The small headphones (Airpods) would come with slight improvements. Among them the waterproof, you could use it to do any physical activity without worrying. However, you will not be able to submerge them in water. They would also have a system of Noise Cancellation, a new chip, and the ability to use siri through headphones.

At the moment there are many details of the large headphones but it is expected that they will still be wireless and with similar functions to those that the other headphones will offer. The new Airpods are rumored to arrive with a wireless charging box compatible with the yet-to-launch wireless charging dock. AirPower. As for the price of these, they should not be so cheap, it is possible that they easily exceed the 179 euros what current Airpods cost.

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Apple is betting on new headphones that allow it to make a niche in the market, a few years ago the Cupertino-based company bought Beats, so you shouldn’t have a problem with it. There are no further details on this, the company is expected to offer more information.

Do you like the idea of ​​new headphones from Apple?