Apple wants your Macbook or iPad to be able to charge your iPhone wirelessly

Wireless charging is a very attractive feature when choosing a terminal, and although it is not the most useful, a large number of users use it on a day-to-day basis. Apple launched its first models with wireless charging last year, today the company wants to give it a new use by achieving the inductive load between devices.

The iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X were the first of the firm to integrate wireless charging several months ago, now the company wants to go further with this technology according to the new patent request. In short, Apple wants its MacBook or even its iPad to be able to wirelessly charge your iPhone.

There are two images of the patent, in them we can see a iPad and Macbook equipped with a charging ‘zone’. To charge the mobile, it would be placed in the center of the iPad screen or on the Macbook’s trackpad, this would allow to increase the battery percentage using the battery of the largest device as a base. The patent does not seem to be very recent, as there is an old iPhone model which the company plans to change starting this year.

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Magnets in the charging area may position the device in the correct position for best results. Thanks to the size of the Macbook it will be possible to have several areas where you could charge your iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time. So far it is not known when we will see this, since Apple is in the development of new devices it is unlikely to see this in the next few months of the year

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What do you think of Apple’s new patent application?