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Apple will stop selling eMacs, iSights and Airport in Europe on June 30

Apple will stop selling Airport base stations, eMacs and iSight cameras in Europe after June 30, according to various reports.

If the sources are correct, the cessation of sales of these three products is to ensure that the company complies with the new environmental regulation of the European Union: the directive for the Reduction of Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment 2005 (RoHS).

These new regulations enter the mandatory application period on July 1, and have been designed to minimize the impacts of electrical and electronic equipment on the environment during its useful life and when it becomes waste.

Producers must be able to demonstrate compliance with the directive by submitting technical or other information to the competent authority if requested. They must maintain this documentation for four years. The capabilities of this authority allow you to send a compliance notification and make purchases for testing.

Source: Macworld

To know more about RoHS: Wikipedia

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