Apple would present an iPhone with triple camera with 3D sensor in 2019

Many rumors are running today about futures iPhones that Apple will be presented this year, but despite this, there are already reports that show us various technical details that the devices of the bitten apple will carry for the following year 2019, because according to a report from Taiwan, Apple could include a triple camera with 3D sensors in order to enjoy a better experience in augmented reality. Know all the details of this report!

Apple could include a triple camera in its iPhones so that two of them can look at an object from different angles, and thus be able to create a 3D object. Different analysts have indicated that this method will be a great improvement and will work much better than ToF (time of flight) technology, which reads the time it takes for a laser to bounce off the objects we want to create. The function of the third camera will be to have a much wider aperture and focal length, in order to introduce the 3x optical zoom, this can already be found in the Huawei P20 Pro.

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We all know that Apple includes cameras from other companies, such as: Sony, Sharp, LG and Dali, but the report indicates that only the latter can match the number of units that the company could demand to be able to include the triple camera in each of the manufactured iPhones. We remind you that this is only a report from Taiwan, the images have been made by the @iDropNews page, and we may possibly see these iPhones in the year 2019 officially. All the most current information, you can find it here at SolucionesWindroid!

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Is a triple camera necessary or is it just a marketing issue? Give us your opinion in the comments.

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