Arkham Knight’s PC version receives its first patch

The past week was pretty disastrous for him gentleman Dark. The launch of Batman Arkham Knight on PC was surrounded by controversy over poor optimization and finally Warner Bros decided to withdraw the game from Steam temporarily. Rocksteady He claimed late in the week that his best engineers were working hard to fix the problem. Today, PC users can download the first patch that fixes errors such as desktop screen shots and game crashing when the game was disabled. Motion Blur. Rain and ambient occlusion effects have also been improved, which looked worse than the console version. New patches will arrive over the next few weeks. At the moment we know that one of the main objectives is to eliminate the blocking at 30fps in some areas of the game and to solve the bug that causes some textures to be displayed in low resolution.

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“We will continue to release interim patches to address issues affecting PC gamers. Work is important so while we are making progress on improving game performance, this is something that will take some time to secure. that we have the correct corrections in each place. “