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#AtomixAwards: The best game of 2015

#AtomixAwards: The best game of 2015

We had incredible titles this 2015, and many of them have already been awarded in different categories during #AtomixAwards since a couple of weeks ago. However, the staff determines that there is a specific one that deserves special mention, one that was not easy to select among the various wonders that we played throughout the year.

Various elements that make a video game valuable were considered, starting with the fundamental values ​​such as control, gameplay, the technical section, art direction, level design, sound, character design and many other aspects that we consider relevant in this selection.

After long discussions, we determined that the best game of 2015 is the following:


Creepy, difficult and addictive. Hidetaka Miyazaki’s exclusive for PlayStation was placed from the first months of the year among the best that the PS4 has received so far in its history. With the mastery and learning gained from the Souls series, From Software embarked on a difficult journey to develop a much more alive and consistent world. The solid combat system, fast-paced action, and terrors lurking around every corner make this game a delight from start to finish.

In addition to offering us a dark world, sublime enemy design, exceptional levels, a hidden story, and incredible gameplay and action mechanics, Bloodborne also stands out as an incredible RPG. Its implementation in the development system for characters, weapons and abilities, together with the structuring of its progress by levels, make this a title in which you will spend a lot of time devising various strategies to deal with all those fearsome monsters that prevent you from continuing exploring the mysterious city of Yharnam.

For lovers of the almost dead survival horror genre, Bloodborne is also a horror experience that brings us face to face with many of our worst nightmares. His design of enemies and the tension that it gives you to advance through the fear of dying was unmatched. The search for blood in Yharnam is full of details that show us at every moment how huge and complex the world we are inhabiting really is. The story of Bloodborne progresses like one big horror story that seems to lead us deeper and deeper into the dark. Even creating hair-raising situations requires remarkable artistic work. FromSoftware’s work in this regard is exceptional. Every building in Yharnam, every grotesque detail in the enemies and places we visit is surprisingly macabre.

Regarding sound, the audio team at Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios teamed up with Japan Studios and From Software to create the game’s epic soundtrack, which was recorded with an 80-piece orchestra, a 32-voice choir, a band of rock and many other elements. Recorded in three locations and released in some of the most prestigious studios in the world, its soundtrack is absolutely memorable.

The level design is sublime, a different surprise awaits around every corner, and the progression never gets tiresome or repetitive. Unlike previous titles from the studio in which farming and repeating levels to level up are daily bread, here the action never stops, something that makes the game quite concise in each of its structures.

What was your game of the year? Why?