Disney Mirrorverse, the Early Access review

There Disney Mirrorverse review offers to device owners iOS And Android an original interpretation of the most famous characters Disneyrepresented in the Kabam title as courageous and restless fighters, true guardians of a world that is suddenly threatened by dark forces. In this universe, the wizard baby mouse he has perceived the danger deriving from […]

4 mins read

What Happened, the review

What happens when you want to mix the themes of Life is Strange and the style of Silent Hill? If the pairing seems strange to you, it’s understandable but the review of What Happened It’s about a title that can be summed up exactly like this. The psychological thriller developed by the independent studio Genius […]

6 mins read

Skater XL, the review

When it was announced, Skater XL was supposed to be the game that would set the standard for skateboarding-themed simulations, and the title that would take the throne beyond his majesty Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and Skate. Yes, on paper. Stop. Really, the Skater XL review it’s about a game that is all the worst […]

7 mins read

CodeWeavers’ CrossOver will make it easier to migrate Windows programs to the Mac platform on Intel

CodeWeavers Inc. on Wednesday announced its plans to support Intel-based Macs. CodeWeavers makes CrossOver and CrossOver Office. These programs allow Linux users to use programs designed for Windows without having to have Windows installed. CodeWeavers is a partner of Wine, an open source program that allows Windows applications to run on Linux operating systems, not […]

1 min read

PGA Tour 2K21: the review

Those of you who grew up with “Tutti in campo con Lotti” know well how much people of our venerable age care about a sport like golf. At the cry of “Spaghetti!” we would beat anyone up. Pine cones, stones, grass, balls, everything in short, just to feel like expert golfers like the protagonist of […]

11 mins read

Spiritfarer, the review

Spiritfarer begins with the protagonist, Stella, who is introduced to her new job by a Charon close to retirement: she will have to ferry the spirits of the dead beyond the door to the afterlife, but not before having resolved the conflicts that torment them. To do so she will have to use a modular […]

8 mins read

Ericsson and Napster, musical duo

Ericsson and Napster have signed a global collaboration agreement to offer operators fully integrated digital music services, under the Napster brand, the Swedish group reported today. The new service will combine elements of Napster’s PC offering with Ericsson’s personalized music service, which is currently used by more operators than any other in the world. The […]

1 min read

No Straight Roads, the review

There review of No Straight Roads puts us in front of the debut title of the development team founded by Wan Hazmer and Daim Dziauddin, respectively lead game designer of Final Fantasy XV and concept artist of Street Fighter V. Both with an immense passion for music, they wanted to build us around a game […]

11 mins read

Kandagawa Jet Girls, the review

There are anime – and consequently video games – created exclusively to tickle the public’s imagination, in which ___ualization is the key word and the plot is as useful as Julian Ross’s cardiologist. The Kandagawa Jet Girls review talks about a game that is one of these and saying to follow it for something other […]

5 mins read

Logitech renews its legendary gaming mouse with the new G502 X wireless and wired

Logitech has renewed one of its most well-known and famous gaming mice, the G502. The new series, launched under the name Logitech G502 X, comes with three variants, two of them with high-performance wireless connectivity. It’s not the first Logitech G502 to go wireless. The company already launched the G502 Lightspeed with this type of […]

1 min read

Hades, the review

We had understood that it was a small masterpiece for some time, but having been in early access for months we thought it appropriate to wait for the official release before writing the Hades review. The time to take stock has finally arrived: Supergiant Games, which has already signed Transistor, Pyre and Bastion, has published […]

13 mins read