How to make meatballs

There is nothing better than a good plate of meatballs to warm the body, but clearly leaving aside the pre-cooked dishes and opting for some good homemade meatballs, which have their homemade sauce and become a delicious dish to make a good meal. That is why in this article you will know how to make […]

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WandaVision, the review of episode 5

The running time finally increases, perhaps to reflect the television formats in the 80s, perhaps because more time is needed to tell what happens in the real world too: if the fourth episode seemed to focus only on the SWORD investigations outside Westview, almost like a parenthesis mid-season, the fifth appointment with WandaVision instead seems […]

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Jiggle Physics 113: Microsoft acquires Activision Blizzard

From our sister site Android Central, Jiggle Physics is a gaming podcast covering consoles, PC gaming, and mobile. Check it out and subscribe! Source: Jiggle Physics Art Microsoft has announced its intention to acquire Activision Blizzard. Our intrepid team breaks down what this means for the industry, for players, and what’s likely to change (or […]

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Pokémon Scarlet/Purple is already Nintendo’s best-selling game at its launch with 10 million units

More than 25 years after the release of the first game of Pokemon on the Nintendo Game Boy, the saga that combines RPG elements with adventures continues to have a large fan base and followers, to such an extent that Its latest deliveries have broken a sales record. Sales of Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple […]

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PC-21 fleet reaches 500,000 hours PC-21 fleet reaches 500,000 flight hours – Avion Revue Internacional

The global fleet of nearly 250 PC-21 training aircraft recently marked a historic milestone with a total of more than 500,000 successful flight hours. “Experience with current PC-21 customers shows that Pilatus’ modern training system can help reduce the cost of training future pilots by more than 50 percent,” sources from the Swiss company indicate. […]

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Slack: How to change your username

In Slack, your “full name” and “display name” are public. When creating them, sometimes you can make a typo or mistake. Slack allows you to correct naming errors fairly quickly and any time you want. Slack also allows you to change the email address associated with your account. This can be useful if you have […]

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Jumbos, Jupiter, Stars, Planets: New Discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope and Radio Signals from Orion

For many, the weight loss represents a continuous challenge, and complex solutions are often sought, forgetting the impact of daily habits, such as consumption of sugary drinks. These often overlooked drinks can play a significant role in the weight gain process. Eliminating sugary drinks can be an effective and healthy strategy for achieving your weight […]

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ADIC expands support for heterogeneous storage platforms and environments

StorNext 2.5 support includes HP, StorageTek, Linux and SGI solutions Barcelona, ​​March 16, 2005 – Advanced Digital Information Corporation (NASDAQ: ADIC), a leader in Intelligent Storage solutions for the open systems market, has announced the availability of a new version of StorNext data management software, version 2.5 , which significantly expands the support offered to […]

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Yahoo! and Research In Motion announce global agreement to bring Yahoo! services to BlackBerry

Madrid, March 16, 2005 — Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO), a leading global Internet company, and Research In Motion (TSX:RIM)(NASDAQ:RIMM), a leading manufacturer of mobility solutions, have announced a new agreement to provide Yahoo!® Messenger to users of BlackBerry® around the world. This new alliance combines two respected and leading brands to provide an enhanced mobile communications […]

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The lack of a guide to behavior in the use of email slows down business in Europe

61% of respondents say that unanswered emails delay business decisions. Confusing or careless messages can damage relationships and lead to confrontations. palmOne, in collaboration with communications expert and psychologist, Dr. Peter Collett, proposes an easy guide for correct email management. In addition, he has created a simple test for users to check if their behavior […]

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