The solution for flickering in Need for Speed ​​Unbound with the NVIDIA RTX 4090 is to update the BIOS of your motherboard

Last Friday NVIDIA released new drivers that added DLSS 3 to the Need For Speed ​​Unbound game. To take advantage of DLSS3 and all its functions it is necessary to have an NVIDIA RTX 40 Series. But this popular racing game had been experienced some blinking errors In computers whose graphics are the most powerful […]

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Sony patents an avatar creation system with facial and object scanning

Sony is developing new technology for creating virtual avatars that could revolutionize the way players personalize themselves in video games. The recently filed patent describes a system that allows players to scan not only their faces, but also real-world objects, to create unique and realistic avatars. This technology is based on a previous Sony patent […]

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Myst V for Mac

The conversion of this game comes from Beenox. Beenox Inc., one of the most veteran converters in the field of games for Mac, will be in charge. This company has worked for Aspyr and MacSoft to port a large number of titles. On Thursday Beenox announced that his services had been requested by Ubisoft to […]

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A French group sues Apple and Sony for forcing the use of the music they sell with their own players

And this was a matter of time, and this news has already arrived. A group of French consumers has launched legal proceedings against Apple and Sony, alleging that their online stores violate European competition rights. They declare that the services they provide for music downloading are monopolistic, since the music that can be purchased through […]

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Dell sells more but earns less

Dell has set a new sales record in the fourth quarter, but this increase in sales has not meant an increase in profits. Dell’s fourth-quarter sales totaled $13.45 billion, up 17% from a year earlier, but less than the $13.54 billion expected by experts. Dell reported net income fell 11 percent to $667 million, or […]

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Emerson Network Power launches Liebert-branded Availability System for IP Telephony to improve the reliability of

Madrid, February 2, 2005. Emerson Network Power today introduces its Liebert IP Telephony Availability System, an integrated system for protecting IP telephony equipment. This new Liebert system, version 1.0, has been developed under the criteria of Cisco’s AVVID (Architecture for Voice and Video Data Integration) partner program for interoperability with CallManager Express 3.1 and Unity […]

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