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  5. Bloodborne 2 for PlayStation 5 comes to life in a trailer made by a fan

Bloodborne 2 for PlayStation 5 comes to life in a trailer made by a fan

Bloodborne 2 for PlayStation 5 comes to life in a trailer made by a fan

An avid fan made an amateur trailer for Bloodborne 2, which shows us a hypothetical continuation of the blood hunt.

Bloodborne 2, the long-awaited sequel to PlayStation 5, still leaves it to be desired. While From Software has repeatedly denied the possibility of the arrival of a sequel, fans are eager to return to Yharnam, as evidenced by a amateur trailer made for Bloodborne 2. The movie, made by the youtuber Garden of Eyes, it is very convincing, and it shows us several really exciting and well done scenes.

From the description of Bloodborne 2: Blood Hunt it emerges that this is a sequel that tells the events that take place following the first chapter. We see the hunter who, by now, has reached a high level of strength and experience, after the experiences of the previous chapter. The movie alternates between game sequences and indications related to the narrative context. The suggestion proposed by the enthusiast moves its steps from the ending of Bloodborne: peace, however, is again endangered by the birth of a new kind of entity otherworldly. To try to make sense of the new dimension of reality, it will be necessary kick off a new Hunt, using special portals to return to the moment when it all began.

The existence of this video does nothing but demonstrate, once again, how much fans are eagerly awaiting the announcement of Bloodborne 2. However, at the moment From Software is busy with Elden Ring, another title that is leaving fans in feverish anticipation. The software house is proving stingy with information, and everything we know about the new title that will see the collaboration of Martin, author of the saga of game of Thrones, comes from the game’s first trailer released a long time ago.

Despite this, the Garden of Eyes fan made video is really interesting and well done, giving us a taste of what the future might hold. Who knows after Elden Ring can’t get an official Bloodborne 2 trailer.