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Bloodborne: A fan-made mod attempts to take the game to 60fps

Bloodborne: A fan-made mod attempts to take the game to 60fps

A guy passionate about Bloodborne has decided to open the code to try to push the title to 60fps, but not with the expected results.

FromSoftwaredevelopment studio behind the Dark Souls series and Game of The Year Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, has also created a great gem exclusively for PlayStation 4: Bloodborne. Unfortunately, despite the aesthetic beauty, the excellent gameplay and the brutality of the title, this one it is not without problems, especially as regards the technical side. The Achilles heel of the title (as well as some funny interpenetrations in the walls) are in fact the Frame-Per-Secondwhich have been locked at 30 but are almost never stable, not even up PlayStation 4 Pro. At this point, Lance McDonald intervenes, interviewed by Eurogamerwhich he tried to change the game code and perform a hardware debug operation in order to unlock the framerate. Doing so would almost reach i much desired 60fpseven on the standard PlayStation 4.

Going technical, here’s what happens: developers, in the process of creating the software, should make the game run at 60 frames per second, trying to keep a balance with the output to avoid latency in the commands. In modern titles, this is difficult, as the rendering of the various zones takes too long to process.

As for the proprietary engine of From Softwarefrom this point of view it has a huge problem, in that fails to be fully synchronized with screen refreshes. So instead of loading a frame at the standard speed, which for 30fps is 33.3ms, upload the frame when ready, be it 50 or 10ms. This huge inconsistency problem it gives the impression of playing “a few frames”, and not even attempting to lower the game resolution it worked, causing frames to wobble between 40 and 50.

The guy also checked out From Software titles after Bloodborne: Dark Souls 3 and Sekiroand performing the same operations on the PlayStation 4, but the results were unsatisfactory, as between the limits of the console and the limits of the game code, it is practically impossible to reach a stable 60fps. So the dream is broken for now, but it is very likely that a hypothetical arrival on PlayStation 5 (through backwards compatibility) could allow the title to turn at 60 frames per second thanks to the new CPU of the next-gen console or, who knows, maybe it will arrive for PC.