Bloodborne at 60fps? Possible thanks to the mod made by a hacker

Well-known hacker and Soulslike lover Lance McDonald has created a mod to get the coveted stable 60fps on Bloodborne.

One of the first exclusives that really gave a serious boost to the sales of PlayStation 4 it was Bloodborne, the Soulslike of FromSoftware released in 2015 that was published exclusively on the Sony console and that on the wave of the previous successes of the Japanese software house managed to collect enormous success from audiences and critics all over the world. The group of fans and enthusiasts of the title has grown dramatically over the years, so much so that it has also been included in the collection of titles PlayStation Plus Collection as a gift for subscribers to the service on PlayStation 5, where many expected that the game could run at least at 60fps… Which unfortunately did not come true. To try to revive the spirits, the well-known hacker thought about it Lance McDonald, which with its mod has managed to modify the internal files of the game and run Bloodborne at a stable 60fps.

In the tweet published on his official Twitter profile, the programmer said he was absolutely satisfied with his work and wonders if a job like this will ever be made available to the public, who now more than ever crave a version of this FromSoftware title. with a frame rate in step with the times, especially after the generational leap which as sop has given a mere acceleration of loading times. This patch has been made available to subscribers to his staff Patreon, but you’ll need a jailbroken PlayStation 4 to install it.

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At the moment, therefore, we simply have to settle for these abstruse methods to obtain an at least acceptable frame rate for Bloodborne, which for now does not see among the future plans of FromSoftware, currently committed to working on the highly anticipated Elden Ring, an update to fix the frames per second on PlayStation 5, which sadly get stuck at the paltry 30fps we’ve been used to.

Ok here it is! Bloodborne running at 60fps for real on PlayStation hardware. We’re all wondering if Bloodborne will ever get a 60fps patch for PlayStation 5. Meanwhile I hacked the feature into the game and put together a showcase of results. Full video:

– Lance McDonald (@manfightdragon) October 10, 2020