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Bloodborne Coming to Steam? Instant Gaming is putting it up for sale

Bloodborne Coming to Steam? Instant Gaming is putting it up for sale

By supporting some rumors that see the arrival of Bloodborne on PC, the pages of Instant Gaming have been enriched with the offer of the title for

It hasn’t been long since a mod brought the beloved one Bloodborne Of From Software at 60 frames per second, yielding a non-playable result as detailed in this news. In fact, it seems that the limit is not due to the performance of the hardware, but to the development system of the software house, which could however be revised over the next few months. Indeed, Bloodborne may be able to make it to the platform soon Steam, thus offering the aforementioned quantity of frames per second with excellent probabilities. The online key sales site, Instant Gaming, has therefore proposed a page dedicated to Bloodborne for PC.

The game can actually already be enjoyed outside the PlayStation 4 ecosystem thanks to the service PlayStation Now patented by Sony, which allows you to interface with the work through the internet connection. However, by renting a PC gaming machine it is clear that performance is clearly affected, both as regards the input lag, both on the graphic front. It is precisely for this reason that From Software, or another developer in contact with the software house, could be working on porting the game. There is the possibility in the latter case that it is Bluepoint Games, already famous for the remastered on PlayStation 4 of the cult Shadow of the Colossus.

However, there are no official confirmations on the net, which we hope will not be long in coming and can communicate the possible release date of the game or dissolve the insistent rumors. There are many gamers who would love a PC version of From Software’s souls-like, and considering that the developer may be secretly developing a new chapter, this maneuver could be interesting. A greater range of users would be able to interface with the exclusive PlayStation 4 and would in some cases be willing to buy the new chapter, which would probably also arrive on computers.