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Bloodborne – Guide on how to defeat the boss Amygdala

Bloodborne – Guide on how to defeat the boss Amygdala

In this guide dedicated to Bloodborne, an exclusive Sony note, we want to help you defeat the boss Amygdala without too many problems.

In this guide dedicated to Bloodborne we will give you all the information to defeat the boss Amygdala. The exclusive home note Sony proudly still boasts a large group of fans. In this guide we will see how to deal with the boss Amygdala, who has a wide range of attacks, but with a little forethought you will be able to overcome him brilliantly. Amygdala is one of the Great Beings, as well as one of Bloodborne’s optional bosses.

ATTENTION: we remind you that this is a Bloodborne bossfight, and consequently it can contain SPOILERS on the plot, so we invite you to continue reading the guide only if you have already finished the game or if you know the boss Amygdala.

How to defeat Amygdala in Bloodborne? Here is the guide

You will face Amygdala as an optional boss in the Nightmare Frontier. The difficulty of the fight can depend a lot on the level of the character with which you will face the fight. Weapons with a good range are more suitable to face this opponent and if you have upgraded the basic ones, the Threaded Staff will be a good support, as the best points to hit it are the head and arms. The legs are easier to hit because they move slowly and always stay on the ground. The head drops immediately, but only after certain attacks, and the arms, on the other hand, are almost always up.

To reach the arena where you will face Amygdala, you must start from the lantern of the Frontier of the Nightmare, then use the elevator, which at this point in the game you should have already unlocked, and go to the poisonous area where it is possible to walk on the large tombstones. From this point, reach the path that leads straight to the boss.

Amygdala will appear throwing herself off the tower and you try to go immediately behind her. The boss has a variety of limbs with which he can hit you, and standing in front of him means having to suffer too many frontal and area attacks. By staying as much as possible behind him you will be more sheltered and you can hit his tail, but you have to be careful of the kicks he will throw with the lower limbs. Fortunately, you will soon learn when he is preparing for these attacks, and this will give you time to dodge them by dodging or moving quickly. It’s also okay to stand sideways close to his arms, where you can avoid most of the hits, while still staying close enough to deal enough damage to him. In case you stay cautiously at a safe distance, the boss will shoot some rays, while if you are close to his legs he will make a jump with which he will try to crush you. In this case you have to stay still and when Amygdala lands on top of you it will do so but without harming you. Indeed, you will be in a perfect position to unleash a heavy attack on his face.

After losing about half of her life points, Amygdala will tear off two arms, which she in turn uses as weapons to get further and hit you. Its range will increase but it won’t be much harder to dodge than the others. After these attacks, quickly reach the monster’s head and hit it continuously to inflict a lot of damage.

If you have an Upgraded Cannon, use some Bone Marrow Powder before the fight and hit the boss’s head with the weapon. Amygdala will be stunned and you can hit her head with a critical attack. By repeating the actions again, the boss should have very little energy left and you will be able to finish him in no time.

Once defeated, Amygdala will leave you the Chalice of Loran, which you will need to create other Chalice dungeons from the appropriate tombstones present in the Hunter’s Dream. Finally, go up the stairs opposite and activate the Amygdala Chamber Lantern.

Reward: Calide of Falling Loran

This was all there was to know in this guide to defeat the boss Amygdala, for more information or advice on Bloodborne we refer you as always to our section dedicated to the game.