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Bloodborne: is the upgrade for PS5 ready? A video would suggest yes

Bloodborne: is the upgrade for PS5 ready? A video would suggest yes

According to what emerged from a video released on Twitter, it would be possible to select a next-gen version of Bloodborne on the PS5.

After the recent rumors that would attest to the imminent arrival of Bloodborne on PC (together with the Uncharted collection, Ghost of Tsushima And God of War), the famous souls-like dark fantasy developed by FromSoftware back to talk about itself thanks to a video that suggests the imminent arrival of the upgrade for PlayStation 5. As can be seen from the short clip, which you can easily retrieve at the bottom of the article, by clicking on the button depicting three dots (located on the side of the “Plays“) It is possible to note that among the available options there is also a version for the next generation console of Sony.

It is currently unclear what enhancements may be introduced in Bloodborne once you have selected the PS5 edition of the game, since for now there has been no official release from the Japanese development team and no news is reported on the official PlayStation store. Waiting to find out more details on the affair, we remind you that PlayStation 5 has been available for purchase in Italy since last November 19, 2020, even if at the moment it appears to be difficult to find due to the health emergency caused by the COVID-19). We inform you that the console could soon be available in Italy in the coming weeks.

PS5 not only supports the 8K maximum resolution (using the supplied HDMI 2.1 cable) ei 120 fps with 120 Hz output, but is also equipped with a super-high-speed SSD, allowing gamers to optimize their gaming sessions with near-instant load times for installed PS5 games. Also, thanks to the new game pad (the DualSense) offers an even deeper and more engaging gaming experience, due to the presence of the haptic feedback and gods adaptive triggers. At the following link you can find ours review complete.

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