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Bloodborne PSX and Souls: a look at the world of demakes

Bloodborne PSX and Souls: a look at the world of demakes

Bloodborne PSX and Souls are two of the nostalgic homages implemented by some fans and developers: let’s take a closer look at the world of demakes.

Gamers are nostalgic without limits, let’s face it. How many times have you dreamed of being able to try one of your favorite games on the old consoles that accompanied your childhood? How much time have you spent imagining what that work you love would have been like if it had been developed for PS1 or perhaps, looking even further back, in 16-bit? The demakes are the answer to your fantasies and those of many other players who appreciate the beauty and technical limitations of the “old glories” of the sector. They are often fanmade projects that give a new-old life to titles that have marked the videogame path of many.

In fact, the word demake is not only nice, since it plays on being the exact opposite of remake, but it embodies the essence that accompanies these singular and exciting projects: the idea of ​​stripping new video games and bringing them back to a more simple, with considerable obstacles to overcome. Bloodborne PSX and Souls are two works that perfectly represent this world of nostalgic, courageous and exciting homages in their being against the tide, opposing the flow of today’s gaming world that aims higher and higher. These two cases are excellent to observe not only because they have amazed the FromSoftware community, difficult to manage and to satisfy effectively, but they allow us to see two diametrically opposed works closely.

Those who develop these ideas indulge themselves: while Bloodborne PSX is made through a PS1 emulator, Souls is loosely inspired to the world of the saga of Dark Souls and it was made in Spectrum style, completely distorting the aesthetics of the original but keeping everything else. “Denuding” works of this caliber without cutting off their nature is a rather tortuous path. This is demonstrated by the enormous work done by the Bloodborne fan that you can find on Twitter as Lilithium Powered Witch, ready to share as often as possible her progress in recreating the bloody world that has fascinated millions of gamers. One of his latest shared videos sparked a lot of euphoria among everyone, as it concerns the first boss of the title. But now let’s look at these demakes more closely and more carefully.

The hunt must continue: birth and development of a demake

Bloodborne is always at the center of attention, recently at the heart of a spasmodic wait for a never too desired dedicated version for PS5, to underline how years later this jewel is still very important within the videogame parterre. The standard of this panorama rises more and more, day after day, in search of stable framerates, dynamic lights and so on and so forth. We arrived in the future that we imagined as a child, when pixels were the maximum realism we could afford, but despite this a small group of fans had an interesting idea: why not recreate the whole world of Bloodborne for the first Sony console? Compared to other works carried out by fans, there is no talk of recreating maps that cannot really be played, but of a version to be tested entirely through an emulator, since whoever is designing it is doing it with all the real limits of the PS1.

Definitely a unique and interesting undertaking, despite the FromSoftware community had already set to work in the past years with other high-level demakes. But this, conceived in recent months and still under development, seems to promise us a truly unforgettable experience ready to move the most nostalgic among us. The small team leading this splendid work revealed that the idea had arisen years ago and the first steps had been implemented, but without too much conviction. They certainly would not have thought of taking it back years later and above all of receiving such an important following, waiting for news about it.

For the moment some videos allow us to enjoy a 32-bit Yharnam in all its beauty but the real signature of the developers will be a rather interesting multiplayer mode: it will be possible to play Bloodborne PSX in split-screen. Definitely something different than the original project, but still a wonderful additional feature that could push many gamers to want to try it alongside friends.

Souls: when souls are Spectrum style

Speaking of tributes to great titles FromSoftware could not miss a splendid title created by the Retro Bytes Production team in 2013, entitled Souls. Unlike Bloodborne PSX, which tried to remain quite faithful to the original, maintaining the general features that make it easily recognizable, this demake has a very different role and basic idea. As the developers themselves specify on their blog, the game is freely inspired by the videogame world of Dark Souls but the differences are there. Just think that the whole aesthetic is that of an 8-bit 80s game (yes, we get the chills too). The screens are static, the colors are typical of a generation that is now only a deeply nostalgic memory, but Souls has managed to rework everything in a key that is pleasant to play. We do not say it, but the blog and the community that has developed over the years.

This gem, a pearl that we absolutely recommend you to recover, weighs only 35 kb and can be downloaded easily via World of Spectrum. To play it you will only have to install the Spectaculator emulator and at that point you will be ready to live a retrogaming experience, or at least in the form. What do works like these teach us, video games that pay homage to others by bravely looking at the past? That bringing videogame icons of the present into the technology that now appears obsolete still has much to transmit to us. We are ready to see better and better, we need innovative discoveries in gaming which is a sector open to new horizons, but the reality is that the past still holds a warm and safe place for our mind; a good deal of fun, albeit in pixels.