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Bloodborne the Board Game: all the news regarding this new KS campaign

Bloodborne the Board Game: all the news regarding this new KS campaign

The long series of transpositions from videogame to boardgame continues with Bloodborne, the latest title in the videogame world to receive the adaptation to …

The long series of transpositions from videogame to boardgame continues with Bloodborne, last title of the videogame world to receive the adaptation to the world of board games. Completing this last chapter is the CMoN which has already announced a campaign Kickstarter departing next April 23 to finance the production of Bloodborne the Board Game.

Once again the CMoN has chosen to finance its own title through a campaign Kickstartercrowdfunding platform now chosen as the preferred tool for the launch of almost all of its titles. There is always a lot of distrust on the part of the public in seeing the adaptation of a video game to an analog format. We only think about themes such as atmosphere And game mechanicshow difficult can it be for game designers to stay true to the title they are inspired by while delivering an engaging experience for players?

It is with this intent that the Bloodborne Design Diary, a collection of ideas and game mechanics available on the website of the CMoN with which Shinall And Lang, couple of designers under the company, are curating Bloodborne the Board Gametelling every aspect of the game’s development. With the title design launched for more than a year, the game develops with the idea of ​​creating a dungeon crawling in which the elements determined by the fortunesuch as dice, are reduced to a minimum or completely absent replaced by tactical choices of the players. The game engine will therefore be the construction of the game deck and the strategic insights behind the choice of each card.

The deck building therefore represents the goal of a study of the product thanks to which the designers hope to convey that concept of deck customizationa way for players to progress their Hunter during the duration of the game. At the start of the campaign each player will start with a generic deck, consisting of 12 cards divided into the main statistics (Strength, Vitality, Ability and Resistance); which will correspond to a certain type of action (Power for damages, Vitality to mitigate physical damage, Ability for attack speed, Resistence the amount of effort that a hunter can endure before having to rest), immediately giving the possibility to choose which one to favor. As you progress through the game, however, you will have the opportunity to earn said points Blood Echospent on expanding and / or improving your card deck.

By reading the diary you can find out how one of the more challenging aspects for the designers it was i monstersand how these could always be perceived as a threat exactly like in the video game. Shinall And Lang they worked on this transition process with the intent of making every single one life-threatening opponent if underestimated, making combat take on the most important aspect of the whole game.

The maps Of Bloodborne they may seem boundless, but the more you become familiar with the structure of the dungeons, the more you understand their labyrinthine structure full of secret passages and appreciate their intrinsic beauty. Recreating that sense of disorientation typical of the video game. In this difficult job of translating from video game to board game, the designers have understood how much in Bloodborne the Board Game the sense of exploration: leading them to opt for a modular card system. For this reason, each chapter of the campaign will indicate the number of tiles to be used, which will also include the famous areas of the game, making it possible for the player to build the map with every movement of the character. This mechanism will ensure good longevity to the game, making sure that the game maps are never the same.

Bloodborne the Board Game it is not only a game designed for those who love combos and want to seek that satisfying sense of challenge, but it is also a game in which you have to understand when to know how to play safely without exposing yourself to unnecessary risks. Looking forward to taking a look at the crowdfunding campaign of Bloodborne the Board Game the next April 23the biggest piece of advice we want to give to enthusiasts and the curious is not to miss the chance to early birdin fact the CMoN has announced significant benefits for the pledgers of the first 24 hours of the project. We just have to wait and follow the evolution of the title campaign live, aware of the quality and commitment of a house like that CMoN which is a guarantee in this sector.