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Bloodborne: uncensored version of a cutscene revealed

Bloodborne: uncensored version of a cutscene revealed

Despite being long out, the discoveries on Bloodborne continue. The last one is dedicated to a cutscene of the game, which originally was not

Although Bloodborne was released about five years ago, it has a very large group of fans, with many who never miss an opportunity to search and reveal all the secrets it still hides. The last in chronological order concerns the video presentation of the Cleric Beast in the signed title FromSoftware: it seems that originally it presented in fact a slightly different cutscene from that published definitively. It was to find out Lance McDonald, which through the social media Twitter has informed us about it (as you can see from the twitter proposed below). The boy is no stranger to these revelations, as he owns a YouTube channel dedicated to these discoveries.

Bloodborne’s intro CGI was censored slightly for the final version. Never seen before, here is how the original uncensored version ended. pic.twitter.com/T9zDvMv0xx

– Lance McDonald (@manfightdragon) May 30, 2020

The cutscene isn’t that different from what we saw once Bloodborne hit store shelves, but the biggest difference is seeing Cleric Beast, the title’s first optional boss, attack our hunter. So instead of having the screen immediately transition to black, we can see a huge bloodstain on the ground, before the transition. The question therefore arises: why has this cutscene been censored (or modified)? The reasons could be attributable to Sony or to any restrictions of the PEGI (and of the American and Eastern counterparts), and this would have resulted in a slice of players less.

Bloodborne is currently available exclusively for PlayStation 4, although many are hoping that this title will also arrive for PC. But what fans want most is a second installment of the “souls-borne”, but FromSoftware president and Souls series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki made it clear that the decision to develop a possible Bloodborne 2 does not depend on the will of his teambut from Sony.