BogotaEats, the best guide to eating in the city

The application shows budgets and areas to live a different gastronomic experience in the capital.

Alejandro Escallón, creator of the application BogotaEats spoke in La Nube about this alternative to recommend places in the city and help you make a decision before eating out.

“It has filters to define the themes of restaurants and sectors. On the subject of education, people are recommended places to take foreigners, the bride, “he said.

Reviews and comments are read in the app so that you can choose the right restaurant, the one that best suits what you are looking for and has no surprises. Also some functions like geolocation and scores.

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“The application gives the facility to throw the results organized by prices, proximity or the latest. As a tool, it is better than social networks, ”said Escallón.

The application is free and it is available for iOS and Android.

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