All recon points
From the options menu enter the code 0ZNDRBICRA to have all the Recon Points

Online Bonus Characters
From the options menu enter the code HI9WTPXSUK to have all the Bonus characters online

Enter the following codes into the options menu

Activate a Kilroy detector which will warn you when Kilroy approaches during the game


Select the cheats screen from the main menu and then enter the following codes.

All Recon Points

Online Bonus Characters

Kilroy alert

Unlock all Chapters

Console Cheats
Find DefaultInput.ini and use Notepad to open it. Then change the following lines: ConsoleKey= TypeKey= MaxScrollbackSize=1024 HistoryBot=-1 with: ConsoleKey=TAB TypeKey=TAB MaxScrollbackSize=1024 HistoryBot=-1. Now while playing, you can press TAB to open the console and type cheats. Remember that you will have to answer yes if the game asks to update the DefaultInput.ini file and that you will have to change the TAB key in the settings.

Flight Mode

let’s go
Full of ammunition


Pass the walls

Walking Mode

Enter the following codes into the options menu

Activate a Kilroy detector which will warn you when Kilroy approaches during the game.

Unlock all reports in the game


Find all the killroys
From the options menu enter the code SH2VYIVNZF to know when you are near a killroy.

Two extra SamaGame skins
In the main menu under options, select enter code and then use HI9WTPXSUK for two extra skins.



Complete each of the following achievements to get the corresponding score

A Lethal Portent (10)
Explore the abandoned hospital

Abandon All Hope (150)
Repel German forces from Koevering

Action Camera Blast (10)
Unblock it a moment of the camera using a grenade

Action Camera Hero (40)
Unlock 25 or more key camera moments

Action Camera Sniper (10)
Unlock it when you get a headshot with the camera

Action Camera Veteran (20)
Unlock 10 or more camera actions

Anti-Tank (10)
Destroy an enemy tank

Assault! (10)
Order your team to assault the enemy 5 times

Basic Training (10)
Order your team to stop, regroup and then attack

Bunker Buster (10)
Destroy a bunker with a bazooka

Calling in the Cavalry (30)
Escorted ___ Corps with the 101st Airborne

Casual Capturer (0)
Unlock after completing 4 player captures

Committed (50)
While using Xbox LIVE, play once a week for three months

Dig in (45)
Kill 25 enemies while using cover

Earned in Blood (0)
Unlock it when you are appointed leader of your Team

Enemy Arms (10)
Capture a German MG42

First Recon (10)
Find and activate a Recon Point

Focused (25)
While connected to Xbox LIVE, play once a day for 7 days straight

Hellfire (35)
Survive the bombing of Eindhoven

Kilroy Bronze (15)
Found 9 Kilroys

Kilroy Gold (25)
Find 25 Kilroys

Kilroy Silver (20)
Found 18 Kilroys

Kilroy was here! (10)
Find and watch a hidden kilroy

Novice Capturer (0)
Unlock it after completing 5 captures in the game

Objective SNAFU (20)
Fight on the Wilhelmena Canal bridge in Zon

Obsessive (100)
While connected to Xbox LIVE, play once a day for 100 days straight

Recon Bronze (15)
Find six Recon Points

Recon Gold (25)
Find sixteen or more Recon Points

Recon Silver (20)
Found 12 Recon Points

Remember September ’44 (50)
While connected to Xbox LIVE, play once on September 17th

Situation FUBAR (50)
Defend Hell Highway against German counterattack

Squad Kills (10)
Help your team get 20 kills

Suppressive Fire (10)
Kill an enemy

The Draft (0)
Unlock it when you accompany a friend in an online meeting

The Four F’s (10)
Use your team to eliminate an enemy Flank 10 times

The Kloosterdreef Incident (25)
Fight through the streets of Eindhoven with the 506th

Through the Looking Glass (40)
Explore the abandoned hospital and discover Baker’s fate

Tons of Fun (10)
Kill 5 enemies with a tank grenade

Touchdowns (15)
Clear the landing zone and meet up with Hartsock

Truly Inspired (0)
Unlock it when you win a match as a commander earned in Blood achievement

Veteran Capturer (0)
Unlock it after making 20 captures

Victory or Death (0)
Unlock it by killing someone who has the Truly Inspired achievement

Weather the Storm (45)
Repel Kampfgruppe Walther’s attack on Veghel

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