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Call of Duty Mobile: Season 6 is called The Heat, here is the release date

Call of Duty Mobile: Season 6 is called The Heat, here is the release date

Through a post on the official social channels, Activision has announced the title of Season 6 of Call of Duty Mobile, that’s when it will be released.

While season 5 of Call of Duty Mobile is coming to its conclusion, the boys of Activision do not waste time announcing Season 6 through a post on social channels: it will be titled The Heat and will be available from this Friday 30 July.

Last month, the mobile version of the shooter franchise saw an update that brought a new mode to gamers. We are talking about the Clan Battles, which came in the title after the mode was eliminated PvE Zombie. The removal of the latter was not accepted willingly by fans, who have clamored for its reintroduction.

Activision has made it clear on multiple occasions that Call of Duty Mobile it is not intended to be a copy of the chapters released on consoles, such as Modern Warfare and Warzone, but would have unpublished mechanics within the title. And many other news will arrive soon: through a post on the official social channels, the developers have officially announced the season 6 of Call of Duty Mobile.

The title of the new season will be The Heat and will arrive this Friday, July 30th at 02:00 (Italian time). Activision announced that there will be many changes and news to come. For example Slums and Stack multiplayer maps, Undead Siege mode and much more. A new battle pass will also be introduced which will bring special rewards to players.

Announcing Season 6: The Heat
Prepare to relocate with new maps, operators, weapons, and more!

🆕 New season is deploying in #CODMobile on 7/30 UTC! pic.twitter.com/MVBR6ZwxHA

– Call of Duty: Mobile (@PlayCODMobile) July 27, 2021

We announce Season 6: The Heat. Get ready to move through new maps, operators, weapons and more!

As usual every time, Call of Duty Mobile season 6 will bring all players’ ranks back to zero. Among other new features, the Battle Royale mode will see the addition of a new vehicle titled Muscle Car, while a whole new way which will arrive on July 30th is Face Off, which will consist of an intense 3 vs. 3 in a small map.

Among the new hand-to-hand combat weapons we will see the Machete, the Wrench and the Katana. Plus, fans can get their hands on one new mode for scorestreak: it will be called Swarm and players will have to face a swarm of Hunter Killers drones.

Looking forward to the arrival of season 6, Activision-Blizzard is working on Diablo Immortal, coming this year. Following the success of Call of Duty Mobile, the developers are enthusiastic about it, considering it a good idea.